How to Use Facebook for Marketing How to Use Facebook for Marketing | 4 Helpful Tips and A Free Gift!Learn how to use Facebook for marketing. There is a lot of practical training out there, and a lot of it is the same message over and over again.

How do you decipher what’s good and what’s not worth your time? Well I believe that there are some unwritten rules to follow when you’re building a business on Facebook.

The first rule is, don’t expect results right away. There are a lot of people that start marketing on Facebook and give up after a week or even a month after they haven’t gotten the results that they were looking for. It takes time to build relationships, and that’s what Facebook is all about. Relationships. So give it some time, great Facebook marketing campaigns can take time to develop.

The second rule is to be consistent. This one goes hand in hand with rule number one. Your consistency will build momentum, and start to give way to the kind of results and lead-flow you desire. Which will then lead to sales and conversions.

The third unwritten rule is to provide value.

There are people all over the place that just simply throw their links up on their Facebook walls, and then wonder why they’re not getting any results. The reason you don’t get any results with that method, is that people are not on Facebook to buy your stuff or join your business opportunity. They are on Facebook to see what’s going on, what their friends are up to, and to let everyone what they are up to.

So your spammy links are probably not even going to register in their sub-conscience. The way to combat that, is to provide something that they might want or something that could help them get what they want. Do you see the difference?

The last rule is to learn and grow as you go. Get started now, and then immerse yourself in everything that has to do with Facebook marketing. Watch webinars, purchase products, and apply these new techniques as you go. This will not only get you out of the “paralysis by analysis” but it will create a shift in your actions. A marketer in motion. You will become the go-to person in your niche.

The best part about this, is that I have a free Facebook training webinar for you to get started. So just click on the link below, enter your best email, and enjoy!

How to Use Facebook for Marketing

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Learn Social Media Marketing Learn Social Media Marketing: Action Steps for Tonight!How to learn social media marketing?

This can be a great decision for your business. Social media is a huge part of our society and it makes sense to utilize it for profit right?

In this video we’ll be concentrating on Facebook. It’s the largest, has the most traffic, and it’s potential as a marketing platform is endless. So let’s get started.

Here a few action steps and tips to get started on right away. Because the best social media marketing plan, is a plan in action.

Action plan number one. Create a Facebook fan-page. You will not want to be operating out of your public profile. You might not know this, but Facebook keeps a real close eye on what’s happening on your news feed. And if you are posting a lot of sales links on your profile page, Facebook will find out. Whether it’s from people reporting you for spam, or you’ve raised some flags in their system some other way. You could potentially get your account shut down.

That is what the fan-page was created for. Marketing! So you can market and advertise all you want through your fan-pages.

Action step number two. Promote your fan-page to gain likes and followers. This can be considered as your new contacts list. These will be the folks that you will be marketing to. By creating a fan-page and getting likes and followers, you are establishing a base of potential customers who actually want to hear about your products or services.

Action step number three. Watch this webinar. The link is in the description below the video, all it’s going to cost you is your email. But it is absolutely relevant to learning social media marketing.

All of the best social media marketers I know take cues from this lady and I know that she delivers the goods.

Learn Social Media Marketing

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