3 Quirky Habits That Will Absolutely Kill Your Network Marketing Business

Procrastinators Don't Click Here#1- Procrastination on longer termed goals. This one’s first because it’s important. You’ve got to stay committed to your ideas. If you never put them out there, then you will never be able to help someone achieve their goals. This industry thrives on new ideas. That’s what being an Entrepreneur is all about in the first place.

You Don't Want This Guy On Your Team#2- Paying attention to mindless things like sports or celebrity gossip. Your attitude needs to be, “Who the heck cares what’s going on with that Beiber kid?” or “Who the heck cares if Favruh is going to be back playing football and texting his junk to female reporters?” Really, why does anyone care? I love sports as much as the next person, but I also know that keeping up with my Denver Broncos could be a full time job. I know that I have to let it go and tune in to see what happens on Gameday.

Drama Queens Need Not Apply#3- Getting involved with other people’s drama. These may be the most important people in your life but you have to know that you only have the power change yourself. The easiest way to inspire change, is to be inspiring yourself, that way those closest to you will be witness to the transformation and in turn be inspired.

This post is directed toward myself but I know that a lot of people have to be struggling with these exact bad habits. They reigned supreme in my life for too long. Stop procrastinating on your goals, Stop paying attention to Hollywood, and Stop trying to fix other people. Soon your network marketing team will be growing like a wild-fire!

Cheers to awesome success!
Matt Findley

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