3 Super-Sweet WordPress Plugins I Use Everyday

Wordpress Plug-insI know that everybody has these lists but I noticed that they are all the same! 

So I really tried to come up with a couple that I know that you could use right now, especially if you’re into SEO and blogging.

#1  SEO Smartlinks.  This one is sweet because it has some really nice features.  You can have it set up so it automatically links your specified keywords to other posts, tags, or categories, heck anything actually.  It just needs to be set up.  Plus it’s really easy to use.

#2  Tweet Old Post.  I like this one because it doubled my traffic overnight.  What it does is exactly like the name says, it tweets out your old posts on whichever twitter account you want, how often you want, and the age of the post you want retweeted.  Again very easy to use.  A must have for twitter users.  Even if you don’t have a twitter account, I’d still recommend installing this plugin and setting up a new twitter account because of the automation and backlinking.

#3  This one is my favorite because it’s free.  It’s called Vibe SEO Pack.  This plug-in when activated has some cool home page optimization features but the real value is when you’re writing a new post.  It has a panel right on your Add New Post page that lets you put in your target keyword and then generates a checklist for you to make sure that you’ve got all of your headline tags, keyword density, and image tags in order.  Then it spits out a real time grade to your post to show where you could make SEO improvements.  As far as I’ve seen it’s very similar to a highly tauted feature of SEO Pressor which is an expensive plug-in. 

So if you are a WordPress user you should definitely install these plug-ins.  They’ve made a huge difference for me and I know they will for you too!

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Talk to you guys tomorrow! 8)

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