4 Reasons To NOT Join A Network Marketing Opportunity

Network MarketingThat’s right I said not.  These are four huge reasons to tell your friend or relative to shove it when they step out of their comfort zone and invite you to watch a presentation.

Reason #1:  You LOVE punching a clock everyday.  You can’t think of anything better than after you sit in brutal morning rush-hour traffic, to walk into your said place of employment, look through a pile of time-cards of people you’re forced to interact with all week, and shove it in the machine so you can prove that you are 5 minutes late to work everyday.

Reason #2: The aforementioned traffic.  You like being cut off.  Being flipped off pleases you.  Tailgaters are your best friends.  The best part about it is you get to do it twice a day!  Awesome!

Reason #3:  You just can’t get enough of your under-qualified, over-paid, ass-kissing boss.  Man, life would be grand if you could be just a little more like them.  Corner office, nice car, sweet company watch, they get chewed out by upper management so you don’t have to right?  Wait a minute, I thought nobody likes a kiss-ass?

Reason #4:  If you plant and hoard enough of it in your backyard, money will eventually grow on trees.  You and your family will be set.  The credit companies will stop calling for money and start calling you for advice on dating and stocks.  The neighbors kids will be swimming in your above ground pool.  You and your sweetie will have matching wind breakers.  That will be the life.

Obviously this was a little sarcastic and meant to be fun but there’s a little bit of reality in there too.  Network marketing is just an alternative.  Granted it’s got a lot more potential for personal wealth, but it’s not automatic.  Building a successful network marketing organization takes a lot of time and personal effort.  But if you’re willing to make the changes within, it could be the right choice for you.

Making the choice to join a network marketing opportunity is both a financial decision and a personal development commitment.  Only when you invest in yourself, you can have the life-changing transformation that successful network marketers achieve.  

To your decision,
Matt Findley

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