The Advantages of Using Facebook As a Marketing Tool

Facebook has quickly become a staple for many people across the entire planet.  It allows us to stay connected with friends literally anywhere via the world wide web.  It is also the number 2 most visited website on the entire internet.  So with it’s incredible reach and influence, it just makes sense to leverage it for your business.  Here are some Facebook marketing strategies for utilizing this massive platform for business purposes.

It’s viral, if you post something on your “wall” it is shared with whomever you want.  It can be shared with just one person or many if you’d like.  When your targeted audience sees what you have posted, they then are given the option to share it with their friends.  Remember though, a facebook wall is not a place to market your business opportunity.  It is a place to connect, share, and relate.  If the Facebook police get wind of your dirty advertising or spammy practices, you will be shutdown and banned from the website.

If you do like to write ads and drive traffic to sales pages, Facebook has a pay-per-click feature that is very targeted.  Those ads show up on the right side of your profile page.  The ads that you see are solely based on what is in your profile.  If you like camping, you will see ads for tents and sleeping bags.  If you like country music you will see ads for country concerts or new country album releases.  It is very targeted in this sense.  When placing your ads, you can really zero in your target audience and you only pay when you have a new visitor who “clicked through” to your specified page.  There is an approval process which can be tricky sometimes, but it is similar to the major search engine pay-per-click options.

You can also build a fan-page which allows for people to become fans of whatever it is you do or who you are.  The advantages of this is that if you post new information on your fan-page wall, all of your fans will see it in their news feeds.  That is extremely powerful with a large fan-base.  There is also a lot more freedom in what is allowed on your fan-page, because the people who are fans of yours want to see what you have to say.  So therefore it is not a solicitation.

Another advantage is that you can create a Facebook Group.  The group features are similar to those of the fan-page but it’s a little more interactive between members.  Again there is more freedom within the group because your members have joined because they want to here from your group in their feeds.  Also you can have multiple contributors to the group.

There are multiple tutorials on how to start Groups and Fanpages both on Facebook and the internet.  Just do a little research before launching anything and stay within the rules, or a lot of hard work can be deleted without warning and you will be up the creek without a paddle as they say…..

I have studied the marketing side of Facebook for going on four years now, the way they enforce and conduct their marketing policies has changed dramatically in that time.  But the core structure is still as solid as ever and if you learn to utilize these features to your advantage you will be well within their guidelines.

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