All You Have To Change – Is Your Mind

Change Your MindsetI saw a commercial for an infomercial this morning about quitting smoking.   I too am a former smoker but what caught my ear in this commercial was the phrase uttered at the very end, “All You Have To Change – Is Your Mind.” 

You see, a lot of my very good friends are still smokers and they always have asked me how I did it, quit smoking that is.  And my response was always something like “I just stopped” or “I got sick of it,” something along those lines.

But the real truth of the matter is, I just made the decision to quit.  It wasn’t easy by any means.  I’m a christian and it was a spiritual battle for the ages, there were some very “heated” discussions between me and God for probably years after.  But I haven’t picked up a cigarette since, all because I made the decision and stuck with it.

I committed to it whole-heartedly, never wavered, never gave in, just stuck with my decision to this day.  As far as what this has to do with Network Marketing, a lot of people when they get involved never fully commit to it.  They never make that decision to stick with it until they have that ever powerful breakthrough.  I will repeat what I’ve heard hundreds of times over the years in this business, “The only way to fail at network marketing is to quit” and the ONLY thing you have to change is your mind!

Watch what Will Smith has to say about the power of commitment and mindset:

It really is all in your head……


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