Does Article Marketing Still Work?

Does Article Marketing Still Work?Article marketing online has been around since the first article submission sites came into existence about ten years ago.   With recent algorithm changes in the search engines, marketers are left wondering…..

…….”Does article marketing still work?…….

The short answer is absolutely yes!  But it’s not your sponsor’s game  anymore.  Let me explain….

About 5 years ago, article marketing was really gaining some authority within some network marketing circles.   You could basically write a sub-par article on just about any topic you wanted and with some clever keyword stuffing, clue-less googlers would find and click on your content.  Sounds easy right?

Today we should be so lucky.  There is no possible way a marketer could choose a highly trafficked keyword, optimize their article with that keyword, and then rank in the search engines.  It’s just not happening like that anymore.  Serious dedication of time and research is required to rank for those “money keywords”, yet we’re still being told that article marketing is a viable marketing strategy.  How effective is article marketing in 2011?

How does article marketing still work?

Article marketing 2011 strategy #1  Let me introduce to the low-hanging fruit, the delicious apple that is the long-tailed keyword.  Here’s where article marketing gets fun again!  As marketers, we can scour our keyword tools for the new money keywords and get our content back on the first page of the search engines!  Right on!  Finding keywords with less than 100,000 competing web-pages and 50 daily searches is the goal and is way easier than writing an article that will end up on Page 500 of the search engine results.

Article marketing 2011 strategy #2  Let’s talk about backlinking.  This is a link where, when clicked, clicks through to your website.  You post a link on facebook and it goes to your website, that’s a backlink.  Post your article on ezines with a link to your website, that’s a backlink.  The way to use article marketing for backlinking is this: Write and post your article on your blog or website, next take that same article and submit it to an article directory.  In your article directory submission you will be allowed 2 links most of the time in your article resource box.  Make those links go back to your original post on your blog and that is another backlink.  You don’t even have to change or “spin” your article, it doesn’t matter for backlinks; you can post that bad-boy as many times as you want, to as many directories you want, creating endless opportunities for backlinking.  The more backlinks you have, the more relavant your article becomes on the search engines.  Does article marketing still work?  Backlinking is a PROVEN strategy that shows YES, IT DOES. 

These are the nuts and bolts of some strategies that will work, but article marketing is not an overnight solution.  It takes massive action to be an effective strategy.  Article marketing may take a lot of time but the work you do now will potentially last forever!

So to answer the question, “does article marketing still work?”  My answer is a resounding, “YES!”

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