Do Your Articles Sound Like A 5 Year Old Wrote Them?

article marketingI know that mine did…

I got into this industry 5 or so years ago and I was encouraged to write articles for marketing purposes.  At first I was pumped, I had opened a few article submission accounts from sites like and and I was off and running!

Here was my problem…

My writing skills were awful! My wife told me so! 🙂

I didn’t believe her though.  So I purchased some copy-writing courses and spent a bunch of time studying and writing bad articles.  Eventually I started producing some decent content but the learning curve was rough!  My wife was right, my writing style needed a lot of help.

It took a ton of time.  I had to not only learn how to write but I had to learn what to write as well.  I didn’t know a whole lot about the internet marketing industry to begin with and article marketing requires a working knowledge of your subject material!  I was double screwed….

Fortunately I discovered some tricks to help me along the way.  My skills grew and my knowledge exploded but I had a lot of time on my hands.

A fellow marketer once told me that I should expect to write at least 100 articles to start seeing some regular results.  I’ve since deleted some of my earlier material and had some deleted for me 🙂 but there’s a few that I’ve left out there to remind myself where I’ve come from.  It’s a brutal road my friends.

A few things stood out to me in my marketing trials…

  • There are folks who are putting out a crap-ton of content
  • It’s always good quality
  • They do it on a consistent basis

What were they doing that I wasn’t? How was I supposed to compete? What was I missing?

Well here’s a big-time short-cut to exploding your article producing arsenal…

>>>>> <<<<<

Follow that link and enjoy!


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