*Attention* Are You A Suffering Entrepreneur Stuck In The Classic Pyramid Scheme?

I know I was.  When I say pyramid scheme, I’m talking about the ol’ J-O-B, “just over broke”.  Where all of the little worker bee’s are working their butts off to make someone else richer, with virtually no chance of making it anywhere significant within said company.

Here are some tell-tale symptoms if you have this dangerous condition.

  • It annoys you that there are people hanging out by the time-clock at the end of the day to squeeze an extra few minutes out of their day.
  • You find yourself looking for new opportunities to “invest” your wife’s 401k.
  • You wanted to name your new puppy “Amway”
  • Flipping houses seems like it could be easy.
  • Being “Employee Of The Month” was a lot more significant to you when you were 16.

If you find yourself suffering from one or more of these symptoms, then please do yourself a favor and watch this free presentation on The Only Government Approved Money System On Facebook.  You just have to authorize the application, then sit back and enjoy because this is right up your alley my friend!Just Over Broke

Other side effects may include wandering mind, sleepiness at work, anxiety, and the realization that you are the smartest one in the office.  Please do not operate heavy machinery while watching this presentation.

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