I used to build torture chambers……

Errrr cubicles. Cubicles-Really-Suck-QuitThe925[1]

Before I jumped into the mlm industry I spent the better part of my adult life constructing row after row after row of cubicle office furniture. 
I was really good at my job. But that didn’t save me from getting my hours cut. It equated to our monthly daycare cost and I had to make a decision. So I did. I jumped face first into my first mlm company. 
It was chaotic to say the least. ( I have 4 kids ages 2-16 and this was in 2008. )
cubicles-suck[1]One of the first ever banner ads I came across on my journey was one that said “Cubicles Suck”. 
It dawned on me that a lot of people might actually hate working in them. 
I never really minded building them, in fact it was pretty fun. But that was a new perspective for me. 
I had already been at home for a few months and saw that ad and it cracked me up!
The ad was for my front end marketing system with a back end up-sell to a top-tier mlm product.  
I posted that bad-boy everywhere. 
Since then I’ve generated hundreds of leads from free and low-cost marketing strategies, sponsored my first team members, and made my first affiliate commissions all from the  skills I learned from MLSP. 
And the best part is I get to spend everyday taking care of my awesome incredible wife and kids!

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