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Definition of Social Media Marketing | And Why Most Fail With The “Dummy” Approach

The definition of social media marketing would be……

Using a social media website as a marketing platform.

Now, that is probably a really dry explanation. But defining an action such as marketing is a complex beast in my opinion. Some folks go to college for years just to learn how to market products and grow businesses. There are many platforms on which to actually utilize the skill of marketing. That’s right, marketing is a skill.

That means that you can learn it.

You can go out and buy one those “dummy” how to books and come away with a basic understanding of marketing. And probably have some successes along the way with your new skill. But the question here, is how to utilize that skill of marketing, in the world of social media.

Marketing on social media can take a lot of trial and error. Some mistakes could even get your social media accounts shut down if you’re not following the guidelines. And believe me, getting your Facebook account shut down for some ill-advised marketing practices is no FUN! I’ve had accounts shut down after spending thousands just to get set up.

That brings me to another point. Your social media accounts are not really yours. It might have your name, your picture, probably your family’s pictures, what you had for dinner last night. A person could really learn a lot about you based on one of your social media profiles. But I’ll tell you this right now, YOU DON’T OWN IT.

I know, it sounds harsh. But that’s reality.

So how do you go about having a successful marketing campaign on social media?

I say study and emulate the great ones. The ones that have seen success. Real success, not perceived success. I’ll admit it. I have not had the success that I’d like in my business. But I know where I’m going, I know who’s already there, and I know what they did to get there.

I’d like to share with you a training video I sat in on.

This webinar blew my mind! I thought I knew how to market on social media. But honestly, I had no idea….

Like I said earlier, social media marketing is a BEAST.

It can make you famous, or it can sink your ship.

The important thing is though, make sure you are aligned with the best. Hang out where they hang out. Do what they do.

Another social media marketing tip…. I found a bunch of them in one place. The best Facebook marketers, the best Youtube marketers, the best Instagram marketers, the list goes on. But they are all spilling the beans, just like in the previously mentioned training video.

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Starting a Social Media Marketing Business

Starting a social media marketing business is a great decision. There are some important things to keep in mind that I would like to share with you before you get started.

The first thing that you absolutely must have is a strong product that you either use or have had success using. Social media requires you to be social with your potential prospects, so if you don’t really believe in what you’re selling, neither will anybody else.

Your message will fall flat right out of the gate.

The second important factor for starting a social media marketing business is to keep in mind that it’s going to take some time. You’re not going to jumping out on Facebook with a million fans that know, like, and trust you over night. It takes time to cultivate those relationships.

Think about it, do you trust the guy standing in line in front of you at the grocery store? Probably not…

The same rules apply to social media marketing.

The third thing I’d like to add to this list for starting a social media marketing business is also what I would consider the UNBREAKABLE RULE…..

Provide value.

Provide value to the marketplace. You will always get back what you give. So if you’re putting out a bunch of pitchy nonsense, then that’s probably what you’re going to get back in return.

If you provide value and solutions to peoples pain and problems, then you will be seen as the leader. A leader that folks are going to be more apt to spend their hard-earned money with.

So to recap on what to keep in mind when starting a social media marketing business. Choose your product wisely, it’s going to take time to build up some momentum, and the golden unbreakable rule, provide value to the marketplace.

So if you’ve found these tips helpful and would like to know more on what it’s really going to take on starting your own social media marketing business, then click on the free training link below.

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Top Social Media Marketing Sites

Social media websites are a great place to market your product or service.

There are a ton of them out there to choose from, here is a list of the top social media marketing sites on the internet. (In my opinion of course) And why I think you should be marketing on them.

The number 1 social media site would be Facebook. DUH. Here’s a few reasons why I would rank it number 1. It is the second most visited website on the entire internet! That is some major traffic. It’s even surpassed Google a couple of times I think to take over that number 1 ranking. So to skip it for something else, you’d be leaving major potential for sales and sign-ups on the table and that would be a huge mistake!

The number 2 social media site I would choose is Youtube. Now you might be thinking that Youtube is just a video uploading service, or where you spend time “researching work stuff” lol. But there’s actually a very user friendly social media side to it as well. Where you can have a friends list, a following for your channel, and integration with your Google+ account. Youtube has a major upside in that if you are using it to market, your videos automatically get blasted out to your friends and followers, and your videos can potentially rank in the actual search engines for free! That is pure marketing GOLD if you ask me.

The number 3 social media I would recommend utilizing is Twitter. Now Twitter can be a pitch-fest, and full of straight up garbage and nonsense. But when used to drive traffic to your website or capture page, a compelling offer posted on Twitter can be a great way to get folks off of the pitch-fest and focused squarely on you! And if you’ve got an offer that converts, those visitors can become valuable prospects and customers.

Let’s face it, social media is now a major part of our lives. I know very few people outside of my grandparents that aren’t on Facebook.

It’s engrained into our society.

Social media is here to stay as long as the internet doesn’t go anywhere.

But remember, social media is just that. Social! It doesn’t work to just throw up your offer on everybody’s inbox and expect the sales to start flowing in. It takes time. You have to build relationships…..

Now I have some incredible training on how to effectively use social media for marketing without blasting your friends and family on why your juice is better than what they can get at Walmart. And I’ll send it to you on the next page, but all that I ask from is your best email, so that I don’t send it out into cyberspace to float around not helping anybody.

Click on the link below for access to this training.

Top Social Media Marketing Sites

How Does Online Marketing Work?

How does online marketing work you ask?

Let me give the outline of online marketing in an easy to understand, non-techy sort of way.

First you have to choose a product or service that you would like to market. This can be a physical product, an e-book, a business opportunity, or even yourself. The choice is entirely up to you.

Once you have selected your desired item, the next step is to identify your target market. These are going to be the folks most interested in, or can benefit from your product or service.

When these two things are in place, you are now ready to start marketing!

To market your product or service online you must first have a website that lists your product or service as available for purchase. This can be on listing sites such as or Or a website you’ve created yourself, or one that’s been provided to you by the company or organization that you’re affiliated with. Whatever it is, you will need the website link. That’s the little box in the corner of your browser that starts with http:// or

You can now take that link and blast it out all over the internet.

Remember when I said to identify your target market, this is where that comes in to play.

A lot of people miss this step but it is crucial to the question, “how does online marketing work?”

You need to find out where this target market hangs out on the internet. It could be a Facebook group, it could be an Instagram group. It could be on Twitter, in book-clubs, on website forums. The point is, is they could be all over the place. Do some research, Google your product, see what comes up. You might be surprised on how easy they are to locate!

Now for a more in-depth training on how to actually leverage Facebook, Youtube, Blogging, and other popular social media websites for marketing….

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Online Marketing Campaign Ideas

There are lots of different ways to market your product or service online. Here is a list of some of the more effective ways that I have found to launch my marketing campaigns.

Social Media. There are probably millions of sites out there now where you could get “social” with other folks that you have in your personal network within those social media sites. But you’ll want to focus on the major ones. The ones that get a boat-load of traffic, I.E; Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, I’m sure you get the point. These are the most reputable sites online. Now to start networking on these websites you’ll need to create an account if you don’t already have one, follow the guidelines and start connecting.

This way can actually prove to be a little slow but the results can definitely pay off in the long run.

Now if you’re looking for some faster results, most social media websites offer a paid marketing option to get your offer in front of the masses without building any kind of relationships. These also can be highly effective but the cost will be based on your particular pre-set budget for each campaign.

The next marketing campaign idea I would suggest mastering is Video Marketing. There are a lot of video uploading sites out there but you’ll want to avoid most of them because all you’ll really need is the big one, Youtube!

There are several different ways to market inside of Youtube but they will all require you to make a video. Once you upload your video of your particular product or service, you can choose to promote it by paying Youtube to put your video out there, or you can optimize your video to rank in the search engines.

These online marketing campaign ideas are only a drop in the bucket to what’s actually available on the Internet. A successful online marketing campaign idea is one that you are going to see through to the end.

There’s a wrong way to do these things and if you don’t have the proper training and community to learn from, you will burn out fast. Trust me, it’s information over-load city out there.

Luckily for you, I have the perfect solution.

It’s an invitation to an elite community of online and offline marketers that are ready and willing to share with you their complete arsenal of marketing secrets so  that you can avoid the hiccups that every unseasoned marketer will undoubtedly face when marketing online for the first time…..

And it’s all in one place……

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Online Marketing Leads

Generating your own online marketing leads can be a lot of fun when you have the right things in place for your success.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, having the right tools, and a lead generating system can ensure that you’re setting yourself up for that success.

What does surrounding yourself with like-minded people have anything to do with generating online marketing leads? Well, when diving into the world of internet marketing, you will undoubtedly run into problems or situations that will require some knowledge you might not have acquired yet. Getting plugged into a community of fellow marketers will give you access to a wealth of knowledge and training that you probably wouldn’t have access to had you ventured out on your own.

Having the right tools in place can also dictate whether or not you are successful generating your own online marketing leads. When I say tools, I’m talking about things like your Facebook account, this can be a valuable asset for lead generation. Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, all of these things are fantastic tools to generate online marketing leads.

Finally, having a lead generating system in place is absolutely key to getting quality online marketing leads. A lead generating system is a system that collects, sorts, and sells your new leads so that you are free to do the things in your business that move your business forward. If you’ve spent any time cold-calling leads you will definitely see the value in a system that attracts red hot leads to YOU!

With these critical things in place you can move confidently forward knowing that generating online marketing leads can be the easiest part of your business!

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Web Page Marketing

Web page marketing can be a great way to boost sales, exposure, and overall popularity of your brand, product, or service.

There are several effective methods to do this on the internet. I like using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to increase viewership to my web pages. Social media sites can also have a viral effect where others are sharing and talking your brand, product, or service.

You could also crate a self-hosted blog. This allows complete and total control of the information flow. This is beneficial because although you will undoubtedly get great interaction from your friends and family, it may also attract negative folks out there. And they will come out of the wood-works and try to tear you down in front of everyone. Like I said, with a blog, you will be in control of what your visitors see.

Another practice to keep in mind when doing your web page marketing, find others in your industry or niche that are having success and emulate what they are doing.

Have you ever heard the term, Success leaves clues? Tony Robbins said “Long ago, I realized that success leaves clues, and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results. I believed that if I precisely duplicated the actions of others, I could reproduce the same quality of results that they had.”

By studying success, and implementing the strategies and habits of the successful. We can produce similar results.

Successful web page marketing can be achieved with these strategies and more but you need to be plugged in to the right community. You need to be surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. Successful marketers use systems and tools to market their web pages, and on the next page I want to introduce you to the program I mentioned in the video.

Web Page Marketing Program

This is where I cut my marketing teeth.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

This is where the big boys play…..

Web Page Marketing Program

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Online MLM Training

Online MLM Training Online MLM TrainingIf you’re looking for online mlm training, then you’re probably at a crossroad in your mlm business.  You’re looking for ways to build your business other than the traditional, “make a list of your 100 closest acquaintances” and go through that until your friends won’t answer the phone anymore when you call.

Good news for you!  There is a viable option.

It’s called My Lead System Pro, an online mlm training system that’s got everything that you will need to succeed in growing your mlm business on the internet.

Here are a few features of the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) online mlm training system.

  • fully customizable lead capture pages
  • multiple weekly training calls
  • multiple membership levels (depending on your personal skill level)
  • 100% affiliate commissions
  • multiple primary mlm opportunity integration
  • multiple income streams

The list goes on and on.

See for yourself here:

I know that there are probably thousands of folks out there touting this and that, saying that they have better programs and systems than the next guy.  There really isn’t any way to differentiate for yourself unless you were to try them all out and decide which one is the best for you.

But who has the time or money to do that?

So that’s why I went with the reputation.  MLSP is a juggernaut in the mlm industry.  I guarantee that they’ve produced more 6 and 7 figure earners in this industry than all other online mlm training systems combined.

Go ahead and do your research and make an informed decision, but I can save you the heartaches and headaches and say that these guys are the best in the business.

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Black Belt Recruiting Review | Sponsor More Reps….Like Ninja

banner 250 250 b Black Belt Recruiting Review | Sponsor More Reps....Like Ninja

Black Belt Recruiting Review | Sponsor More Reps….Like Ninja

Do you find it hard to talk to prospects on the phone, getting hung up on, or handling objections?

I used to be like that, constantly taking the prospects that I would generate on the internet and vomit my business opportunity to them.

Time after time, I would basically get laughed at followed by am immediate “Click”.

I just couldn’t figure it out. What was I doing wrong? There were so many people out there that were effortlessly sponsoring people on the phone.

I did this for what seemed like a lifetime. I wasn’t getting anywhere with my business, basically sponsoring one or two every now and then.

But then I found something that changed the way I talked to prospects forever. It was a video interview with Mike Dillard, and master recruiter Mark Wieser.

In this video Mark get grilled by Mike on how he is able to personally sponsor over 254 reps in one year and how he is able to do it with such ease.

I figured out that I needed to change the way that I was talking to the prospects. I needed to qualify them to see if they are right for my business, not if they would be interested in joining.

I also figured out that I am the boss, I need to control the situation, I am interviewing my prospects to see if they would be good enough to be part of my business.

Basically think of it as if you were the manager interviewing to hire a new employee.

By changing the way that I approach the conversation and the attitude that I have in the conversation, I am now not getting hung up on. I am sponsoring more than ever. Prospects are actually thanking me for the conversations that we have.

Sponsoring and talking to prospects doesn’t have to be hard, frustrating, or filled with rejection.

All you need to know is how to do it the right way, the fun way, from someone that knows how to do it and do it well.

So if you would like to learn how I overcame my fear of talking to prospects on the phone, now sponsor more than ever, and how I never hear the word no again, then you need to get your hands on this free 1 hour video interview.

Cheap MLM Leads | Don’t Blow Your Wad! Watch This 1st

Cheap MLM Leads Cheap MLM Leads | Dont Blow Your Wad! Watch This 1stCheap MLM leads are just that, cheap! As in you get what you pay for. I hate calling lead lists, it’s unfortunately been a part of this industry for a long time though.

If you’re looking for cheap mlm leads then you’ve probably spent time calling these types of people: the “Why are you calling me?” people, the “How did you get my number?” people, and my favorite, the “You’re the tenth person to call me today with this stuff, I told you to take me off of your list!” people.

The problem is, is that you probably are the tenth one to call them today. When you buy a cheap mlm leads list you are getting the same old tired lists as everyone else who bought from where you did.

The solution to this obvious problem is to learn to generate your own leads.

I’ve learned a half-dozen or so ways to generate leads that work really well for me. They are proven lead generation strategies that were taught to me by folks that use those same exact strategies to generate 10-25+ leads a day that want you to call them on the phone. No more cold-calling the cheap mlm leads lists. These leads are genuine to you, you generated them, through your own websites

So before you buy more cheap mlm leads, click on the link below and enter your name and best email to watch this free presentation.

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