Definition of Social Media Marketing | And Why Most Fail With The “Dummy” Approach

The definition of social media marketing would be……

Using a social media website as a marketing platform.

Now, that is probably a really dry explanation. But defining an action such as marketing is a complex beast in my opinion. Some folks go to college for years just to learn how to market products and grow businesses. There are many platforms on which to actually utilize the skill of marketing. That’s right, marketing is a skill.

That means that you can learn it.

You can go out and buy one those “dummy” how to books and come away with a basic understanding of marketing. And probably have some successes along the way with your new skill. But the question here, is how to utilize that skill of marketing, in the world of social media.

Marketing on social media can take a lot of trial and error. Some mistakes could even get your social media accounts shut down if you’re not following the guidelines. And believe me, getting your Facebook account shut down for some ill-advised marketing practices is no FUN! I’ve had accounts shut down after spending thousands just to get set up.

That brings me to another point. Your social media accounts are not really yours. It might have your name, your picture, probably your family’s pictures, what you had for dinner last night. A person could really learn a lot about you based on one of your social media profiles. But I’ll tell you this right now, YOU DON’T OWN IT.

I know, it sounds harsh. But that’s reality.

So how do you go about having a successful marketing campaign on social media?

I say study and emulate the great ones. The ones that have seen success. Real success, not perceived success. I’ll admit it. I have not had the success that I’d like in my business. But I know where I’m going, I know who’s already there, and I know what they did to get there.

I’d like to share with you a training video I sat in on.

This webinar blew my mind! I thought I knew how to market on social media. But honestly, I had no idea….

Like I said earlier, social media marketing is a BEAST.

It can make you famous, or it can sink your ship.

The important thing is though, make sure you are aligned with the best. Hang out where they hang out. Do what they do.

Another social media marketing tip…. I found a bunch of them in one place. The best Facebook marketers, the best Youtube marketers, the best Instagram marketers, the list goes on. But they are all spilling the beans, just like in the previously mentioned training video.

So click through, enter your best email and I’ll talk to you soon.

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