Earn Money Today – This Was Almost Kept A Secret….

Earn Money TodayIf you’ve spent any time searching on how to “earn money today”, you’ve probably noticed a lot of buzz on the social networks about the Empower Network viral blogging system.

There’s been claims that a couple of dudes figured out how to get affiliate commissions paid directly to the affiliate, instead of waiting for that check in the mail.

Even cutting themselves out of the equation entirely by offering 100% commissions.

So are these earn money today claims true?

Absolutely 100%!  It is true.  Let me explain what’s behind the madness.  Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe have just unleashed the Empower Network as of Halloween day 2011.  What that means for you is that you can start earning 100% commissions today, right into your bank account.

How can they do this?

Well it’s easy, they make money the same way the members do, by marketing themselves with the Empower Network viral blogging system.  When you join, you receive your very own Empower Network blog, to blog about whatever you want and drive traffic to your opportunity.  (You don’t have to have an offer, you can just make money marketing the empower network)  But that’s what the Daves are doing to make money, even by paying out 100% commissions to their members.

How do you get paid today?

Through your very own merchant account or paypal account.  Now before you get freaked out by that word, let me give you some reassurance.  There is a simple step by step guide that only takes a half hour or so to complete. (I had never done it before and that’s how long it took me to set up my merchant account) Or if you have a paypal account you can use that as well.

By having this payment system in place, members are paid directly from their new team members.  So there’s no waiting.  I was very impressed with this new option.  It cuts out all of the B.S.  I know that I’ve waited up to 2 whole months to get an affiliate check and that sucked, especially when checks were in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.  So the ability to receive commissions almost instantly, caught my attention.

So with the Empower Network now available, marketers are now given the power to earn money today, just by sharing the system with others.  Not bad for a couple of guys that used to be homeless.  They used the power of the Internet to make millions and now they’re sharing their knowledge and secrets with us!

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  1. Eric says:

    The Empower Network totally empowers everyone who joins and it definitely makes it possible for people to earn money today!
    Eric recently posted..What does it Really Take to be a Successful Monavie Distributor Like Brig Hart?My Profile

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