(Coming Soon!) Fantastic New WordPress Plugin For Internet Marketers

Hey guys you’ve got to check out this new wordpress plugin I’ve been testing for my partners down at Noble Samurai.  It’s called Scarcity Samurai and it is a kick in the pants to use.  Before they launched their new product they picked a test group and I got one of the coveted spots!  Woohoo! 😉

Flash forward to launch week and I’ve had a chance to get my hands on this thing. I must say it’s pretty sweet.  Click here to see it in action.

Have you ever thought about how E-bay auctions convert so high?  In fact it’s around 40%!  That’s an amazing stat right?

Well, one of the biggest contributors of that success is the timer!  Having that little timer there, clicks something in your subconscious and compels you to buy!  You are now able to use that same technique and harness that same power over your customers!

Sounds dangerous right?  Tapping into your customers brains and making them buy from you….But it works

Imagine being able to make your product launches last forever.  Imagine doubling your squeeze-page traffic overnight.  Imagine doubling your income overnight!  All possible with one little tweak your blog by adding Scarcity Samurai!

Don’t waste any more time reading my banter, check it out for yourself here: Scarcity Samurai

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