I Fight ‘This Demon’ Everyday

by Matt on

imagesCA3H0F61 I Fight This Demon EverydayThis one is hard to write because it’s bothering me right now. 

Everyday when I wake up and go through my routine of helping my wife get out the door and getting my little ones situated, there is this nagging inside of me that wants to just give up.

I either want to go back to sleep, play video games, watch some pointless television shows or movies on netflix, check my website stats a hundred times, whatever the case it’s the same demon.

And it never fails, it’s there in my face every morning, no matter what I do.

That demon is responsible for why I struggled as long as I did.

I’m talking about fear.

Fear has driven me to do a lot of things, or in the case of my business, driven me to *NOT* do a lot of things.

I hated it, but I accepted it.  I put up with a lot of my own crap.  This Fear Demon once got me to do yardwork for a month straight while my wife was failing at our business as well.  What a jerk….

I let him run rampant in my life for way too long.

Weeks of in-action, weeks of waiting for things to work instead of working them until they did.  My fear was like gas on a fire…..

But not anymore, I stood up to that bastard.  Fear no longer drives me, it’s Faith.  Faith in myself, faith in my family, faith in my God.

If I don’t have faith, what do I have.  Even people who don’t subscribe to a “Religion” still have faith.  They have faith that there is no God.  This isn’t about religion though.  This is about faith.

This is about having enough faith to get me through the times when lead-flow is scarce, when I don’t know what to write about, when I feel stupid in front of a video camera.  Faith in that I know if I keep doing the things I know work, then I will see success.

So don’t let these demons drag you down, have faith in what you’re doing or what you should be doing.  There aren’t any secrets, there isn’t some magic formula that will turn your business around overnight.  You are the key!

It’s all in your head.  If you think that you suck, you most certainly will.

But if you know that you’re going to be successful, you will start doing the things that will get you there!

I’m not saying that these demons go away either, they will still be there every morning when you get up.  It’s not the demons that should be getting your focus.  It’s how you’re going to handle them when they appear.

Have a great day my friends. 8)

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