Getting Focused In An Unfocused Life

This post will hit home with a lot of folks.  It’s all about getting focused in your mlm business, even with teenagers, toddlers, and an unrelenting schedule.

Getting Focused In An Unfocused LifeI am the poster-child for the unorganized.  It all started when I joined my first mlm opportunity a few years back.  It was a perfect plan, I would quit my job, start working my business 8-10 hours a day, and replace my full-time income within a few short months.

Boy was I wrong…..

Within the first couple weeks, everything was going great, I had plenty of time to work on my business, I was getting leads, talking to clients, heck I was even starting to get people calling me about my opportunity……..I had no idea what was taking aim at my drive and focus.

Focus stealer #1-  My babysitter quit.  My precious little baby girl was now going to be spending her days with daddy.  How did I overcome this challenge, well a few things helped.  (I’m not going to lie, Dora the Explorer was a nice distraction for her) That freed up an hour or so before nap-time which allowed me some much needed time to do some of the tedious things in my business like building up a Twitter following or building backlinks.  The point is is that there was time, I just needed to learn to maximize what time I had.

Focus stealer #2-  My wife and I were not on the same page with anything.  I mean anything, we were even divided on the clothes I was putting on the baby, it was tough.  We both wanted success with our business but we had very different ideas on how I should go about finding that success.  How did we overcome this challenge you ask?  Well this one took a while, we had to re-evaluate our situation on a regular basis and decide together where we were going forward.  Easier said than done but the key word there is we decided “together.”  It made a world of difference when we had a vision together rather than two separate visions.  It also created accountability.  Which is another key ingredient for network marketers.

Focus stealer #3-  Teenagers that can’t drive themselves around yet.  I’ll admit that this one hit me like a truck and I still have a cast on but it did get a little easier when we started writing everything down and delegating to them more responsibilities.  We now have them doing everything form their own laundry to full on babysitting for nothing.  They’re apart of this family too, and if they want to be treated with respect they need to act like they deserve it, and that means contributing when we need some help and freeing us up to work on our business.

To sum up, life is always going to be there pulling on you in every which direction.  To stay focused, it requires a lot of planning and trial and error.  But getting focused on HOW you’re going to deal with situations rather than waiting for situations to bite you in the butt will change the focus for the better.  I know from personal experience with 4 kids and a high-maintenance wife (I love you honey!!!)

Hope this post helps you get inspired to get focused!

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