Free Leads For MLM? – What chu talkin bout Findley?

Free Leads For MLMI’m talking about 100% free leads for mlm!

I was first introduced to this concept shortly after I joined my first mlm opportunity.  I was told that I could generate my own free leads with content marketing instead of the traditional method of purchasing lead lists.

I personally hated the phone so this concept intrigued me.  Not only were my leads going to be free, but more qualified as well.  All I needed to do was start creating my own content and then I would start seeing some leads.  Eventually with some consistency on my part, I could have 100’s of little lead gathering warriors (pieces of content) out there there working for me 24/7.

I was sold.  I loved the idea of free leads for mlm.  I started with article marketing, that’s when you write an article everyday and post it all over the place.  After a couple of weeks I started seeing my first real results.  I had leads!  And they were free baby!  I was pumped and I was doing it, I was generating my own leads. 

Now I know that this might sound stupid but I stopped.  I stopped writing content.  And subsequently my leads stopped coming in as well.  Go figure huh?

The problem was that I didn’t stick to the plan.  My free leads for mlm plan had a glaring issue.  Me…..

It took me a while to realize it too.  I was expecting something for nothing.  Boy was I wrong, and you are too if you expect to just stumble across a batch of free leads, especially mlm leads.

So are free leads for mlm possible? 

I would say yes but the old adage of “nothing is ever free” will still apply to a point.  You will have to put in the time, a lot of time actually to see consistent results, but I know that it’s possible to get them.

Here’s a list of folks that I’ve been following for a while now, and I know for a fact, that they have mastered the art of attracting free leads for mlm.  David Wood, Rob Fore, Lawrence Tam, Jaime Soriano, Kim Tarr, Ferny Ceballos, Raymond Fong, The MLM Brothers Ola and Shola, Ray Higdon, Gregg Davison, Toby and Layla Black, and many many more.  I know that you can google any of these folks and just get inundated with the content that they have put out there.

It didn’t all just show up overnight though.  It took many sleepless nights and shut down youtube accounts for these folks to learn and create what they have. 

But the result is a funnel that consistently brings them 20-150 free leads for mlm everyday.  Depending on the person.

So can it be done?  Hell yes.  And I’ve figured out how….

So if you’re interested in joining me on this journey, fill out the form to the right or click the above (100% free! picture) and I’ll see you on the first page of google!

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