Fresh Start Day 1 – 90 day challenge – Video Marketing Campaign

This is it!  This is my verbal commitment to change the course of my business.  I’ve been in this crazy industry now for going on 5 years.  In that time I’ve made some small commissions here and there, I’ve had some good times and some very bad times.  I’ve even made these types of commitments before.

What’s different this time is that there is a fresh belief.  A belief that within this particular window of opportunity I have a unique partnership that I must take advantage of. 

I’ve never had the support and encouragement that I have now all at the same time.  There isn’t anymore excuses, there isn’t anymore “learning curve”, there isn’t anymore selfishness.

I am what has been standing in my way this whole time.  I accept that, I embrace that, and I forgive myself for that.

I love my family and I have what it takes to be successful in this industry and the best news is so do you!

So let’s partner together and kick this industry in the face!  Alias style!  Your 90 days can start whenever but mine starts right now!

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