Why On God’s Green Earth Would You Want a Wholesale MLM Lead?

Wholesale MLM LeadI really want to know!  What would make you even want to talk to a wholesale mlm lead?

I know I don’t.  First reason is, is that I’ve inadvertantly ended up as a “wholesale mlm lead” on one of those lists.  I would get calls all of the time, the way they got my number might have been legit too, I just wasn’t happy to hear from any of them.  It was always irritating.  So why would I want to talk to me, at least the me of “back then.” 

You may find a diamond in the rough, but the odds are certainly stacked against you.

You may attain a wholesale mlm lead list with 1,000 people just like me.  Most won’t even answer.  The ones that do may certainly be as nasty as I used to be.  (I was cordial, I was just an irritated cordial.)

Think about what wholesale means.  I would compare it to the word cheap.  Would you want cheap mlm leads?

Let’s put it this way, when I buy something that’s cheap, or low-cost there’s a certain level of dissatisfaction that I am bracing for. I know what I just bought may break or already be broken when I open the box.  That’s just a risk I’m “assuming.” That doesn’t mean that it’s great when it happens. 

In otherwords, “Low-Quality.”  I most certainly would not want low-quality leads.

So when you are looking for wholesale mlm leads…..

…..you may as well be looking for cheap low-quaility dead-beat leads. 

Yeah that one hurts a little huh?  But it’s true, any one that you talk to that would be a wholesale mlm lead is going to be extremely low-quality.  Which means low converting.  And low converting means low cash-flow.  And that means YOUR BROKE……

Being broke sucks, having to buy wholesale mlm leads sucks, and talking to those jerks sucks even more.  That’s why I started looking for a solution.  That’s when I found MyLeadSystemPro.

Here is where I learned to generate my own leads.  Leads that would personally give me their own phone numbers.  It’s true, I get them every week, and some of them are actually free.  Like meaning what I actually did to get them to give me their phone number didn’t cost me a damn thing.

So I’ve been there, I didn’t have any leads for my business and I didn’t have any money to buy more.

Even if you have the money to throw down on some “Wholesale MLM Lead List”, it’s certainly not going to grow your business where you need it to.  Once you burn through that list, it’s gone.

So why don’t you save yourself the heartache and start learning to generate your own leads.  Just enter your name anywhere on this page and follow the instructions or follow me on over to http://www.MLMINTERNETSUPREMACY.COM to find out how I use MyLeadSystemPro to grow my business.

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