Why Google Plus Is Not The Facebook Killer It Professed To Be

Why Google Plus Is Not The Facebook Killer It Professed To BeGoogle+ launched and all of the Facebook haters were pumped.  Remember, it was all over the news.

It was supposed to be The Next Facebook.

But that didn’t happen and here’s why I think it won’t.

If you saw The Social Network movie about how Facebook began, you saw how it grew, FAST.  Anyone in those colleges could just sign up and join and start being social.  It was all about who was who and what they were doing.  It was a new way to spread the party.  Or to throw a party for that matter.

That’s where Google went wrong first.  Not anyone could join at the height of the buzz.  It was all over the news, but if you didn’t know anyone already inside it was closed out for a lot of people.

Another big reason is that it’s not really that different than any other social media platform.  I’m not saying that it sucks or anything but I’m not leaving Facebook for it.  I still have my Facebook account in addition to Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, and whatever else I’ve signed up for over the last 4 years or so.

That brings up another point too, everyone else still has their Facebook accounts.  So it’s not like people were going to leave Facebook for Google Plus.  I think the majority of their growth was attributed to the fact people just wanted to see what all of the hype was.  Once they got in and saw pretty much the same thing they already have, they went back to Facebook.

One last huge reason I think that Google Plus will not de-throne Facebook.  Everybody I know is already on Facebook.  They like it, they play games on it, they look at pictures of their grand-kids, they watch videos of friends on the other side of the country, heck, I hear the term all of the time.  They’re Facebooking!

They’re not Google-Plussing, or plus one-ing, or whatever you want to call it.

I don’t know how ol’ Zuckerberg did it but he successfully migrated his Facebook into our families.

It’s been used in court hearings, people have lost jobs because of what they’ve posted, Employers are now even friend requesting potential employees to see what kind of person they are.  You can even sign in and interact on other websites with your Facebook profiles. 

It’s almost a completely Facebook integrated society, so to say that something is just going to take that over I think is just asinine.

Google may own Search, but they are not going to own Social any time soon.  Facebook is king.

P.S. Have you heard of the Empower Network?   <=======This was almost kept a secret.

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2 Responses to Why Google Plus Is Not The Facebook Killer It Professed To Be

  1. Eric says:

    Cool post Matt, I agree. I just heard today from some SEO gurus that the Google Plus platform was partially designed to analyze how people interact socially. I know it sounds devious but Facebook’s already heading in that direction. I’ve heard of people leaving Facebook because they track what people do on their site, but I say if you don’t like it don’t get online because in reality everything online can be “tracked”. Keep up the good work.
    Eric recently posted..How to Make a Capture Page for FacebookMy Profile

    • Matt says:

      Yeah I say who cares ya know. If someone wants to find me for something it’s really not that hard, especially online. I think it’s funny how people use fake names and profiles on facebook, like you said, if you don’t like it then don’t do it. Google plus or Facebook.

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