How to Harness eBay’s Secret Powers on Your Internet Marketing Blog

I’m serious, E-bay has some mojo that they pull on every single visitor that comes to their website.

Don’t sweat it though because I’m going to tell you what it is.

It’s the timer!

That little timer triggers something inside our brains. It states a fact, right off the bat.  I only have this much time, to buy this item, get that price, and guarantee my spot.  Whether or not I purchase is completely up to me of course, but I am faced with a decision….

I must make my decision based on the facts provided to me.

But how can you have actual influence in my decision making process?

I’ll tell you but you have to promise to not use it for evil purposes….

It’s a brand new plugin for WordPress called Scarcity Samurai.

This plugin actually places a fully customized banner on any page of your choosing with A TIMER on it.

Check it out in action here:  Scarcity Samurai Plugin in Action

I’m sure that now you see how powerful this tool can be.  I’m sure that you’re thinking that you’ve been a victim of this tactic.  I know that was my first thought.  “Those jerks got me again”

But now you can have your very own special influence over your visitors, just like E-bay.

I know your first inclination will be to use it for your bidding but this tool should only be used for good.  Having this power requires great discipline…….Well you get the point, I know you see the value in having a timer on all of your marketing campaigns.

Check out this video that the guys at Noble Samurai put together:  Scarcity Samurai Video

Pretty awesome right?  Well, I’m sure by now you realize the power of “scarcity” in your marketing.

P.S.  There is a 50% off bonus during launch!

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