How To Increase Your SEO Skills Without All Of The Techie Nonsense

Being a member of MLSP, (My Lead System Pro) I’ve been privileged to be on some very easy to understand webinars on the subject of SEO (search engine optimization). I’ve found that there is a lot of free information out there on SEO that is more than relevant, and enough to keep a person in the game of a very competitive but not so attentive group of people. If you know just a few of these tricks, you will know more than 90% of the people out there competing for the same spots at the top of the search engines.

Before we get into it, this is directed mostly towards Network Marketers but the information will translate to any niche.

There are several factors that determine whether one page is seo optimized and another is not. There are both on-page and off-page tweeks that one can make to achieve better results.

Watch this video to increase your seo skills:

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