How To Use Other People’s Success On Your Own Websites

Click Here For Solution To The ProblemOne of the biggest problems that network marketers face when just starting out is that they lack a personal success story of their own.  How would you attract potential new team members to a story that hasn’t happened yet?

The answer to this question is a fairly simple one but it didn’t make any sense to me when I was first introduced to it.  I was listening to some recorded training while on an early morning bike ride when it finally dawned on me that I could just start talking about other people’s success on my blog, but then a bunch of other questions arose in my mind.  Like, would I be in some sort of plagiarism situation, or violating some code of conduct or something?  

That just simply wasn’t true.  While searching out some information on a popular marketer, I came across something that was written about them by someone other than themselves.  It was a flattering piece, but the realization was that I could blog and talk about whatever I wanted on my own websites.  

You see, it doesn’t matter who the messenger is, it matters whether or not you give them the correct message.  

David WoodIf a potential prospect is looking for information on David Wood and you’ve provided it through your website or blog-post, you will receive the residual traffic from the searches on David Wood.  So as long as you keep your content relevant and informative, you would receive the residual sales as well.

Not only does this work on people but it works on companies and products too.  That is essentially what you are doing when you write a review on something, providing information so someone can make an informed decision.

Yes, whoever you are writing about will receive additional recognition and possibly sales from your efforts, but you will be the one receiving the traffic.Website Traffic Increase

So talk about whoever and whatever the hell you want, just stay cordial and consistent and you will have your own success story in no time at all!

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