Is The Internet Marketing Community Full Of Sissies and Scam Artists?

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The Internet Marketing Community is a vast, worldwide group of people that have taken their financial futures into their own hands and taken steps forward, toward their personal goals.  Whether or not they’ve achieved those goals is a whole other deal.

That’s where this question fits in.  Most Internet Marketers fall into 2 different categories, ones who have been doing it for a while and ones whom haven’t.  

I know in my first few weeks and months I was really sceptical about who I gave my information out to, I was really leery about starting new projects, and everything was given the “scam treatment” if you know what I mean.  I even thought that people trying to contact me about my opportunity were trying to scam me in some way or another.  Boy was I a sissy!  And let me tell you something else, I was going nowhere fast.

Now here I am a few years later.  My names all over the place, I’m subscribed to dozens of “lists”, I’ve been scammed.  But I’ve learned a LOT.  

Stop Thinking Everthing Is A Scam And Click HereBy putting myself out there I gained a ton of confidence and realized that the more I let go of, the more things started to make sense.

So before you go opting in to someones list with an alias or some B.S. contact information, know that you are not going to get the rock-star treatment you deserve.  Sure you’re going to get to watch a few free webinars, but take it from a seasoned vet, there’s way more valuable information on the inside of some people’s marketing circles.  

There IS information left out on purpose and there ARE tools that are not mentioned in the first sentence of a blog.  You’re missing out BIG-TIME by not stepping out with a little faith.

The point is, stop being a sissy and LEARN THIS STUFF ALREADY!

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