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Alright stay with me here, I have a story of epic failure to share with you guys. 

Great internet marketing training is important and I’ll show you why.

There was this guy, he was pretty pumped about quitting his job and joining this great network marketing opportunity he found on the internet.

So he did just that, shortly after joining the network marketing company he quit his job.  (Not recommended by the way) but he did it.

Everything was going great the first few weeks.  Production was high, leads were starting to come in, he was implementing some of the internet marketing training modules within his company.  Life was good….

A few more weeks went by and a funny thing happened, it was a realization that lead generation wasn’t as easy as originally planned.

So he turned to his company’s internal internet marketing training modules once again to pick out another strategy.

He decided to take on content marketing.

Another realization…….content marketing is a big pain in the butt when it comes to set-up and implementation.  Sure he could start out small but he was told that it was going to take massive action.

So his dreams were big and his problems seemed to get bigger.

While tackling this new monster, a little thing called LIFE busted him in the chops.  His babysitter quit.  You see he was a father of 3 and although 2 of the 3 were of school age, his 1 year old was now a huge part of his day.

He persisted though, but the leads he was getting started to dwindle.  The set-up and associated costs were killing his business, every time he’d make some headway with the internet marketing training, he would run into something else that he needed to do or buy.  Blogs cost money, tools cost money, and it takes time to create all of your own content.

He told me that the learning curve was intense.  He even said at one point that him and his wife were on completely different wavelengths as far as their business was concerned.  So he handed it over to her and did yardwork for a month while she had her own epic fail with some paid strategies.

Finally he stumbled across some guys that were teaching some really cool stuff.  He had one of those ahaa moments with some of their internet marketing training techniques and started to turn it around from there.

But the point is is that if you don’t really know what you’re doing in the first place, even decent training can get you all mixed up and focused on the wrong things.

This little story is about me and some of my struggles.  I would have killed for something like the Empower Network when I was just starting out.

My ahaa moment was from a webinar hosted by Dave Wood.  Just hearing what he had to say cut months off of my learning curve.  So I know for a fact that everything that someone would need to start content marketing, is right here in one place.  His internet marketing training is top notch, easy to understand, and completely relevant.

How do I know that?  Because he’s still marketing in the trenches, he knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. 

That’s why he built these blogs for us, so we can do what he does.  No set-up, just log in and start blogging just like it says.

So if you’re looking for the best internet marketing training available?  It’s the Empower Network, hands down.  And it’s already set up for you.

Your obvious next step, is to join the Empower Network.

P.S. If you’re looking for more Leads and Sales, check out this Facebook Marketing Cheat-Sheet

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