Know Your Enemy: The Number One Reason I Was Failing At MLM

MLM Failures Succeed HereFailing is what a lot of us do in this industry.  Whether we want to admit it or not there is 1 common reason that all will have when they turn off their auto-ship and end their membership.

Everyone gets involved in this industry for the most part because of money, you don’t have much of it, need more of it, and have convinced yourself that MLM will be the way to obtain it.  The problem is that once you’re in, the doubters and demons come out to play around every corner waiting to steal your momentum and dreams.

The Doubters, these are the little thoughts that start in the back of your mind as little suggestions and unintentional seeds of deceit.  They are the thoughts of self doubt that fuel inaction and could stop the untrained network marketer dead in their tracks.  These seeds of fear tormented me in my early months.  What if someone hates what I wrote?  What if no one watches it?  What if my laptop overheats, what if my only recruit gets a refund, what if I run out of money, what if my friends start ignoring me?  Guess what, all of those things happened anyway, and they sucked to go through.  I was at the door of Quitty McBrokeloser’s house and my finger was on the doorbell many times.  Everything in me wanted to give in.

MLM Doubters & DemonsThe Doubters have a nasty little right hand man.  Personal Demons, these guys wait in the dark an manifest themselves in the form of bad habits and laziness.  I’d like to think that someone else left the door open and these guys got in but I know it was me.  I never stood up for myself to, myself.  I didn’t get up on time, I didn’t stay up late, I became the “Distraction Marketer”.  Everything became a distraction because I let it, and those demons were there for a long time before I even thought about starting my own network marketing business.

So the point here is that YOU are your number 1 enemy, as I was mine.  If you can conquer yourself you will have discovered the path to true success in the network marketing industry.

P.S. One way to truly overcome yourself is to be a part of a community, whether it’s one you’re already in or have stumbled across, it will create inside of you a sense of accountability for a greater purpose other than your own.  It’s time to be a part of a team that’s going somewhere!

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