ListJoe Review – A Re-launch Is Just What The List-Dr. Ordered

ListJoeListJoe was developed by a guy named Jonah Klimack.  His software allows you to e-mail 3,000 of it’s members every three days.  Most of ListJoe’s members are Internet marketers so your audience is highly targeted if in fact you have the right offer.  

I had a lot of success using the original system, with the re-launch I expect to go all out!

Here are some features and benefits of using ListJoe to build your primary e-mail list.

Right away a big concern people have when signing up for one of these services is that they feel that they will be bombarded with member e-mails in their in boxes.

ListJoe addresses this issue by suggesting that you set up a separate account to receive your e-mails and offering credits for viewing those e-mails.  . You’ll get 15 credits per email.  There are several ways to receive credits and there is a maximum credit use for each mailing.  The amount of e-mails you can expect to see from ListJoe would be around 50 a day or so.

It is very random, some days are more active than others. Another feature of ListJoe is that you can promote other list builders within the system to build a bigger down-line while only promoting your List Joe link.  This works well in the system because  you are encouraged to join other the other list builders through List Joe which will put you in your sponsors down-line in the other list-builders as well.

There are four membership levels inside of ListJoe; Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Free.

Whichever membership level you are at determines how often you can send a mailing and how much you can make from a referred, paying List Joe member.   All membership levels are allowed to receive credits from referrals and viewing other member ads.  Gold members can send an ad to 3,000 people every 3 days whereas Free List Joe members can only send out a mailing every 7 days only using whatever credits they’ve earned, if you have 752 credits, you can email 752 members.

ListJoe is safe-list type of program that isn’t a new concept but still packs a tremendous amount of value into what you pay for.  Like stated earlier, the right offer can be effectively delivered through List Joe and produce some great results.  Like all strategies though, it takes some testing and tweaking but when used correctly, ListJoe is a fantastic strategy for MLM lead generation.

As far as list builders go I’ve actually had the most success with ListJoe. As a gold member I received system referrals from List Joe’s front page traffic, those referrals turned into my first affiliate commissions without even promoting.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this in my inbox when it first happened without marketing, but here it is. List Joe Review

Not only did I get sales and sign-ups through using ListJoe, I basically received ListJoe sales just for being a member!

This is actually the screenshot from one of my first commissions ever online.  Pretty sweet if you ask me.

ListJoe is actually one of the “easier to use” list-builders available.  It boasts 100,000+ member pool to mail to.

So click here on this banner to check it out today.  The first email is totally free!

P.S. Absolutely take the one-time offer.  It unlocks the full potential of ListJoe, and saves you a crap-ton of money!  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!  🙂

P.S. If you’re looking for more Leads and Sales, check out this Facebook Marketing Cheat-Sheet

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