Please Lord, Don’t Let Them Steal My Identity……

 When I first started digging into this industry, I was very cautious in the beginning with my name and email address.  “What if someone steals my identity?” I thought or, “I don’t want a bunch of spam”. 

Little did I know that I was unintentionally keeping myself from some of the most profound information that would change my business forever……

You see, I was already involved in an opportunity, that wasn’t the problem.  It was the information I was seeking that was bringing me to all of these websites with folks all over them talking about training and marketing with videos and blogs, sites much like this one.  When I would find the information I was looking for I was only getting half of the story.

There was a crap-ton of great training within the system I was marketing as well, but still it seemed that I was only getting half of the information.  That’s why I turned to the Internet, to get “the rest of the story” like Paul Harvey says.

I first turned to people I had heard of that were achieving success in the same company I was involved with.  There was a lot of great content but I was always drawn to thier little opt-in box in the corner promising some sweet training that I couldn’t get any where else or some report that would explain to me why I was failing at my opportunity.  In came that nagging feeling that these people were out rip me off big time and leave me with nothing but the clothes on my back.

I remember the way I felt the first time I actually filled one of those things out.  I was freaked out but desperate enough to step out of my comfort zone.  I made a conscious effort to seek out someone I knew of, liked their stuff, and trusted because they were marketing the same thing I was.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised, this gentlemen over-delivered.  Over a year later I actually joined his team but that’s not the point of this post.  It was the fear that was holding me back from that information.  I was scared that somehow all of these people were out to get me. 

My fear was justified, I had been scammed before.  In fact it was for thousands of dollars to a so-called mortgage/debt restructuring company but it wasn’t because I gave them my name and e-mail.  They already had that information, they just preyed on my situation.

So in closing today, if you really want to know what’s on the inside of this website or any other you may be following, take a chance, it’s just an email address.  In fact I created a separate email address (with my real name) just to join people’s lists, I want to see how they operate.  I’ve actually learned a lot more from individuals once I’m receiving their emails because I’ve ended up on some really great private training webinars.

So don’t sell yourself short and let fear hold you back, you never know what kind of breakthroughs you could have if you just stepped forward.

Create your own special “opt-in only email account” and join as many lists as you want! 8)

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