Marketing Your Business On Facebook – 3 Golden Rules

When it comes to marketing your business on Facebook, there are a few Golden Rules you should absolutely follow to guarantee that you don’t get shut down or reported to the Facebook police.

3 Golden Rules

3 Golden Rules

I’ve seen A LOT of habitual violators of these rules.  It may seem harmless at the time, but breaking them can erase hours, even days of hard work that you’ve put in to building your Facebook presence.

So without further ado, here are the golden rules for marketing your business on Facebook.

Stop pitching on your Facebook status updates, no-one is going to read it anyway.  If they do read it, there is a high probability that it will be falling on deaf ears.  I’m friends with a ton of network marketers and internet marketers and I have at least 10 pitches a day showing up in my news feed.  Guess what?  No comments, and the only who likes their posts is them!  It seems sad but I see it everyday.

No Spamming!  There are several tactics that could be considered spammy when marketing your business on Facebook but this is the biggest one I see on a consistent basis.  Posting your opportunities or products on fellow marketers’ walls.  That crap has got to stop!  As a marketer I get a lot of folks trying to reach larger audiences by posting on my wall.  I sometimes let it slide if they’re on my personal team but habitual violators will be reported!  And if I don’t know them, it’s on like Donkey Kong!  I will report them so fast it’s almost criminal on my part.  That’s my personal space and I take a lot pride in what I want shared there.

Last but not least, provide value!  When you’re out there surfing around and seeking opportunities for marketing your business on Facebook, start sharing what you’ve learned.  Even if you’ve only been in the industry for a few days I’m sure that you had some take-aways from your orientation or business introduction that could possibly help someone else new to the industry.  You don’t have to get “leads” the first day, especially on Facebook.  Facebook is a “social network”.  That means be social, take your marketing hat off and build some relationships.  I promise you, it will pay off big-time in the long run.  Stay plugged in to your training and just share what you learned!

Marketing your business on Facebook is an awesome strategy…..

When done correctly but if you don’t follow these rules you will pay dearly, with the ultimate penalty of being shut down.  Here’s a hint, Facebook does allow spamming and pitching but it’s in the form of paid advertising.  For a comprehensive training on how marketers utilize the paid side of Facebook, click that picture of the eggs.

So use Facebook as a marketing strategy, it’s extremely powerful.  But with that power comes great responsibility. 🙂

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    Exactly, no spamming! Everybody needs to learn this golden rule.
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