Marvalous Omega 3 | More Leads for your Marvelous Home Business?

Marvalous Omega 3Marvalous is a fairly new MLM company that’s been around only since 2008.  It is a company that offers health products that promote the healing features of Omega 3.  The company itself originates in Israel.  They promote a tribal atmosphere within their distributors so that no-one is left behind and everyone helps everyone to achieve financial freedom through their unique compensation plan.  

Marvalous has a variety of different health products to choose from:

  • Omega 3 Vegetarian Capsules

  • Marvalous Calcium

  • Marvalous Winner

  • Marvalous Fiber Must

  • Marvalous 24/7

  • Marvalous Attract

These products promote our body’s healing process and over-all energy levels naturally.  As with any health products you should do your own due-diligence and study the effects the ingredients have on your body.

Okay so let’s talk about the actual Marvalous business opportunity.  It seems from their website that they really try to promote a sense of unity within the company with the whole tribal feel. I really like that concept because in network marketing, especially Internet marketing there can be a real heavy feeling of being alone sometimes.  So it’s great to be surrounded by a network of fellow distributors that are willing to help a new member.  I also liked the fact that they have multiple products to choose from to earn your commissions.  What I didn’t like is that there aren’t any videos on the main website, I personally would like a little bit more interaction and information on the products and services. I’m sure with a little research I could figure it out but that would mean that I’d have to leave the website.

The compensation plan is a 1X10 expanding matrix, if that means something to you then more power to ya but I couldn’t figure it out.  I just hope Morpheus isn’t going to be there asking me to take the red or blue pill.

As far as the marketing side of Marvalous, it seems that they have a big push with social media.  Where they say that you already have this huge list of people around you so you should have no problem recruiting.  

This goes for any MLM, if you love the products and you see yourself loving the products for a long time, it would probably be a great opportunity for you.  With an international push in 2011, Marvalous has a lot of room for growth.  So the sky could be the limit for them with the right distributor!  

Now, before you go through your warm market a few times and start harassing your Aunty to buy some Marvalous Omega 3, there is an alternative way to build your business.

Maybe you’ve heard of it before?

The Internet, Just kidding, we’re on the internet right?

Seriously though, the internet is an infinite river of hungry prospects searching for the way out of the rat-race.

Why can’t it be your bait?

Well it can, and I can show you how to leverage youtube, facebook, articles, and blogs to build a ravenous following that will join any MLM you do when you build You Inc.

There is a wrong way to do it though, and that’s what I’m here for, to guide you step by step.  So click on the links below and fill out your name and email for instant access.  And we’ll talk soon!

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P.S. If you’re looking for more Leads and Sales, check out this Facebook Marketing Cheat-Sheet

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