An MLM Article Marketing Recipe For Success

MLM Article Marketing 101 

An MLM article marketing campaign can do a lot of things for your business and your brand. 

In this training, I’ll reveal the exact steps you need to take, and the tools you’ll need, to maximize your article marketing efforts.

 First we’ll talk about everything you will need to have in place for your mlm article marketing campaign.

  • Solid keyword research
  • A blog that you can add content to that’s yours
  • A way to capture a new subscriber’s email to become a “lead”
  • An effective back-linking strategy
  • A daily commitment to consistency

Solid keyword research consists of 2 things: Low competition and a High volume of searches.  Here are some examples of each.

mlm article marketing

The above example is from the Google Keyword Tool, which is a free tool for your mlm article marketing keyword research.  A good range for search volume (“Global Monthly Searches”) is any where between 1,000 and 20,000.

To find the number of competing websites, do a Google search with quotations around your search term.  A good rule of thumb is to find a keyword with under 100,000 results for competing webpages.  I know that this one is over a million, it’s just an example.  Do you think I would give you my “money keywords”???  😉

Next, you want to make sure your content is centralized on a WordPress.ORG blog versus a WordPress.COM blog.  Yes, is FREE, but it’s also vulnerable.   The content on a blog can be shut down if wordpress tags your content as offensive or spammy.  You don’t want to put a bunch of work into a blog, only to have it shut down later. is notorious for this.  If you even make the slightest mistake and post a banner or some other link that wordpress doesn’t like, it will be shut down immediately without warning.  Trust me, I’ve had this happen before and it sucks.  

However, with, YOU pay to have your branded website hosted somewhere OTHER than WordPress, then YOU are in total control of your website/blog and it’s contents.  You can post any banners, links, offers, videos and other marketing content your little heart desires.  I recommend using hostgator and I caution again using myquickdomains.  I had my first blog hosted through myquickdomains and my page was always messed up, the back office is not user friendly and their tech support is useless.  On the other hand, hostgator works great and they provide excellent customer service.

A webform, or opt-in box, or lead-capture form entices visitors to enter their name and email address to “get more information” or “download your free report”. There’s all kinds of things you can offer in exchange for an e-mail address.  Without this tool, you’ll never make a single dollar.  It can sit on your blog’s frontpage or on your affiliate site, just make sure that it’s there.  A service called Aweber lets you create your own webforms to put wherever you want.

Having an effective backlinking strategy will be the one thing that will set you apart from the rest of the mlm article marketing pack, WHY?   Because they are not backlinking themselves. 

What is a backlink?  It’s a link “back” to your original article (which you’ve posted on your blog).   Here’s how I do it;  I use a service called to blast my link out to 30 social networking sites creating my first 30 backlinks.  Then I copy my original article’s content and start submitting it to as many article directory’s as I possibly can.  Each article directory (ie. amazines, articlesbase, or goarticles) should allow up to 2 promotional links in their author resource area, so have one pointing to your blogpost and one pointing back to your lead capture page like this:

Make sure to submit your article as many times to as many directories as possible.  You can use the same content as many times as you want.  It doesn’t have to be changed in any way unless you are trying to rank multiple pieces of content for the same keyword phrase.

Last but not the least, make a daily commitment to consistency.  Yes, you have to WRITE every day.  If you do this MLM article marketing strategy for 90 days straight, you will see results; it’s been proven over and over again by people in this industry who just got busy, then just got paid.

P.S. If you’ve already got an mlm article marketing strategy in place and are looking to take it to the next level, watch this free webinar.

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