MLM Lead System Pro Review – Why You Need It

MLM Lead System Pro Review – Why You Need ItMLM Lead System Pro Review – Why You Need It

By Lawrence Tam

MLM Lead System Pro is not your ordinary run of the mill program or system.

Starting with the basics, what is it and why do I need it?

MLM Lead System Pro Review Basics

1) Network Marketers today generally have 2 issues. First issue is not having enough leads. The second issue is not making enough money before they have to stop the business.

2) MLM Lead System Pro was created by Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer, and Brian Finale. Long time network marketing leaders who understood this problem and wanted to change the way their own business ran.

3) MLM Lead System Pro is a marketing system that allows any network marketer from any company to generate unique generic leads to them and at the same time generate income.

4) The system is based off of Mike Dillard highly successful course: Magnetic Sponsoring. Actually, this is the ONLY course that if fully based on the course which teaches Attraction Marketing. Don’t chase leads, Attract them.

MLM Lead System Pro: Why Use It?

1) Once a network marketer understands the need for a constant stream of leads daily the next logical step is to build a system to generate these leads using Attraction Marketing. 2) So with a bit of research there are a couple key components to a good marketing system.

a. Capture Pages

b. Sales Pages

c. Autoresponder

d. Training

e. Integration

f. Duplication

g. Most Important: It WORKS!

One capture page wouldn’t be so hard to create or even outsource. But the idea is to build capture pages unique to each individual market. The market being other struggling network marketers who are seeking leads and income to their business. Building 10-50 of these capture pages all the while being able to split test them is a whole different ball game.

Copywriting is the art of selling by writing. Generally, most people don’t have the skill set to write convincing sales pages and this is the step in the process where the “closing” begins. If you don’t get this correctly you might as well quit.

MLM Lead System Pro actually split tests their OWN components so that all default capture pages, sales pages, autoresponder messages, and so forth are always converting at a high percentage. Why reinvent the wheel when someone already has a couple tested?

So what is the draw to the system for new marketers? The Training. There is so much information in the backoffice it’s mind boggling. All the live webinar classes are on archive. A step by step marketing process of each type of marketing is described in detail. Want to get into article marketing, it’s covered in detail.

The biggest draw to the system in my opinion is duplication. If you can’t give this system to your existing downline or to new members what is the use? There are step by step videos and as long as you can understand English and follow video instructions with click by click videos this is as easy as it gets.

The longer your downline is generating generic leads to themselves and also creating income they will stay active in the business. The industry has a high drop out rate after the first month. Keeping your downline active should be priority #1 without being pushy.

As long as your downline is making money that is all the motivation they will need to continue working in the industry.

If you want to generate leads daily and actually earn money from the 90% of the people who DON’T want to join your business you HAVE to get a marketing system setup to monetize those who don’t join your business.

You can spend thousands of dollars setting it all up, split testing the components and perfecting your copywriting or use a proven marketing system that has done it all already.

MLM Lead System Pro is for anyone looking to explode their business and get out of the old school ways of recruiting. Reach the millions Today.

Building an online network marketing business doesn’t have to be hard. MLM Lead System Pro changed it’s name to incorporate more internet marketing aspects and is now called My Lead System Pro. Learn from an actual L4 MLSP Leader with Lawrence Tam.

Additional online Internet Lead Generation Training Available With Lawrence Tam

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