MLM Marketing Plan – 6 Crucial Elements for Success

MLM Marketing PlanWhen you first get involved with an mlm opportunity, it’s a good idea to put together your own mlm marketing plan.

Here are 6 things that I’ve found to be absolutely neccessary if you want to have any level of success with your new home business.

The first one is kind of a no-brainer, it’s a product or opportunity.  Let’s face it, if you don’t have this one you don’t have anything to market, so what’s the point right?  But if by chance you are still searching, I’ve got the perfect solution for you here.

Next is a lead capture system, you’ve got to have a way to capture a prospects information.  Trust me, contacting leads is way more profitable when they actually give you their name and phone number as compared to buying a lead list or stealing business cards out of a punch-bowl.

An auto-responder is the next element of a successful mlm marketing plan.  You need a way to keep in touch with all of your leads once you’ve made the initial contact.  Sometimes it takes six months to a year for a prospect to join your opportunity or buy a product.  An auto-responder gives you the advantage of maintaining that relationship until their timing is better.  I use Aweber for mine.

Mindset is probably one of, if not the most important element for the effectiveness of your mlm marketing plan.

You’ve got to be committed to growing your mind everyday.  Listen to some company trainings, read some personal development books, follow a top producer within your opprotunity’s ranks.  Whatever you do, do it everyday.  Your marketing will be much more profitable when you do.  Spend some time on your mind!

Next, find a marketing strategy that you know to work and master it.  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite marketing strategies <====here.  That’s not the point though, the point is, is that you will eventually be a master of many techniques.  Take the necessary time to master your favorite first, then move on and expand your marketing repertoire.

A social media presence can be the cornerstone of any successful mlm marketing plan.  You will use your social media accounts to drive a flood of traffic to your websites and it’s a great way for prospects to get to know, like, and trust you.  Sign up for a service called Onlywire, form there join all 40 social networking and bookmarking sites that they have available and start submitting all of your content.  Trust me, you will thank me for this information later.

When all of these elements are in place, your mlm marketing plan will be complete and ready for you to implement with massive action. 

It takes time and you may not see results overnight or even after a couple of weeks, but if you plan to work and work your plan, you will become a network marketing all-star!

P.S. If you’re looking for more Leads and Sales, check out this Facebook Marketing Cheat-Sheet

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