Your MLM Secrets Are Over-rated

MLM SecretsI don’t know how many blogs I’ve visited over the years and seen the offer of some “insider mlm secrets that will change my business forever” in exchange for my info.

Really?  How many mlm secrets are there anyways?

I joined those lists all of the time.  Only to have my hopes and dreams of finally making it in this industry lost in all of the same old bull crap the last guy was slinging.

How about giving your prospects something that they can start making money with today?

Now, I know we were all told that having an opt-in claiming that “we have something that you don’t and I’m not telling you until you give me your e-mail” was going to get us a butt-load of leads and sales. 

While that may have worked on the masses a few years back, your new market is a lot more savvy and those old tricks don’t fool anybody anymore.

Regurgitated mlm secrets and bootcamps are simply not cutting it.

That’s why Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe put together the Empower Network.  They effectively eliminated the B.S. from your search.

We don’t have to wonder if we’re not getting the whole story or if our sponsor’s not telling us how to really use these marketing strategies.

All of the set-up is done, all of the testing and tracking is done, all of the backlinking is done, it really is a plug and play marketing system.

I knew that I wasn’t being told the truth when I got into this industry.  The training calls got dry for me, my direct sponsor seemed too big to even talk to.  I felt lost in the shuffle.  I take resposibility for my own failures in the beginning but I knew that I wasn’t being set up for success.

That lead me astray.  I wasn’t focused on my business, I was focused on what I thought I was missing.  The MLM Secrets?  Maybe, but that just isn’t the case with the Empower Network.

I know now that the pieces for success were there for me.  It was just really difficult to see, especially when there is sooo much overwhelm and information overload for “newbies”.  

So if you’re out there wondering if you are missing something or are sick of being fed the same old crap, take a look at the Empower Network.  These mlm secrets were almost locked away for good!

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