Scarcity Samurai – Is This New Plugin A Game-Changer?


Scarcity Samurai

Scarcity Samurai Plugin

Scarcity Samurai is a brand-new plugin for your wordpress websites.  Brought to you by the dudes down at Noble Samurai, the makers of Market Samurai.  It basically allows you to put a customized banner on a specified page that has a countdown timer, when that timer gets to zero, your visitor will be re-directed to a page of your choosing, or if they click the timer they will be directed to another page of your choosing.

Here, check out the Scarcity Samurai review video..

I got an invite to be a part of the beta-test for the Scarcity Samurai plug-in and I instantly saw the value.

You see, when someone see’s time-sensitive material, it triggers something in the brain.  It forces you into making a decision.  “Do I want what’s on the next page or do I want to risk losing this deal?”

The decision is of course completely up to you, but I’m sure you can see the power.

(Check out the Scarcity Samurai banner in action at the bottom of this page.)

So I immediately got into line, I wanted to test-drive this bad-boy, I saw immense value and I wanted to make sure I was a part of the test group.

The next day I got my confirmation e-mail with my link and I dove right in to the set-up.  I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to get going.  I had my first Scarcity Samurai campaign set up in less than 20 minutes!

It basically doubled my squeeze-page traffic overnight for that first campaign and I didn’t even put a whole lot of effort into my content.  It was simply a test of my own and I was blown away.  That big of a jump in traffic with one simple plugin, my mind was going bonkers with the possibilities.

I can get traffic, the problem most marketers face is conversions.  How do you get more conversions?  Well Scarcity Samurai is a simple solution to that problem.

Needless to say, I will be incorporating Scarcity Samurai into all of my future marketing campaigns! 🙂

P.S. During launch, there is a fast-movers bonus.  It could mean 50% off of the purchase price……

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