Scentsy Canada Sales Reps Sponsoring More With This…..

Scentsy Canada sales reps are blowing it up!

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They’re hitting the phones and signing more folks into their down-lines, not just customers but Distributors!  People who are just as willing to learn what it takes as they are.  More distributors means more cash-flow right?

But what if you’re not in that group?  What if you’ve somehow missed something in your team training?  What if you’re sick of rejection?  What if you’re NEW?

Some Scentsy Canada sales reps have found a solution….

A secret stash of master sponsoring techniques utilized by a rep to become the # 1 income earner in his primary company!

He shows you exactly how to handle objections, eliminate rejection, and build instant rapport with your prospects.  These are real problems that Scentsy Canada reps are facing, which lead directly to them facing yet another mlm disaster.  We’ve all been there, jumping from opportunity to opportunity looking for the perfect product or comp plan.

Maybe it’s the right leader, “If I could find the right leader to show me how to do this stuff, then I’ll be successful.”

Yeah right!

There is something that you’re missing.

There are secrets.

It’s not just you.

This industry is plagued with people who are not getting the proper training.  97% of network marketers FAIL completely!  It’s not your sponsors fault, they probably don’t know any better either.

Scentsy Canada is a wide open playing field.

Building a team of well educated (Sponsoring Mastery Educated) Distributors is the name of the game.  You got into this industry to make things easier on yourself and to spend more time with your family.  Having that “down-line” will open up those opportunities!  Having a down-line of whiners will most definitely not!

So this is really a chance for you to get your whole team educated.  I see Scentsy Canada just getting revved up!

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 Scentsy Canada

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