Shoveling During a Blizzard


It started snowing late last night.  We’re supposed to get 6-11 inches out of this particular snow-storm but in Denver, no-one can accurately predict the weather.  The storms just blow over us off of the mountains and it’s just cold and windy, but then it snows a foot 30 miles east of the city.

It’s supposed to be one of those “blizzard warning during the day” type of storms. Everyone not doing anything will be not doing anything indoors.

So as the snow is still piling up, I decided to go outside and start shoveling.  I’d shovel a path out of the gate and 30 seconds later it was white again.  But I just kept shoveling, getting some great exercise if anything.

I started to think that I was glad to not have to be out going somewhere.  Then I started to think why am I even out here anyway?  Why don’t I just shovel when it stops snowing?  What kind of person is out here shoveling before the blizzard is even over, even if they don’t have to?

I’d get the sidewalk cleared then the driveway would be covered again and vice-versa.

One thing about blizzards is when you’re outside in it, and the snow is flying everywhere, it’s very peaceful….

Big snowflakes dance around in little wind-swirls, your surroundings are muffled.  Maybe some wind in the trees, maybe a neighbor working to get out of the driveway.

It’s in that moment when I realized I was that person.  I was having fun, watching it snow, watching it pile up in the street, putting my new shovel to the test.  (Scored at Target on clearance) 🙂

I was enjoying myself.

But how does this tie into building your business?

Well are you a “wait until the storm passes” kind of person?

Or do you get right out in it and start throwing some snow around?

At times I’ve been both.

In fact I don’t think there’s anything wrong with either approach.

I do think there is a time for both though.  And my time right now is to get out there and start throwing some snow…

In your business you can wait for the storms to pass and pick up the pieces when the dust settles.  I suppose it would be easier that way.  The sun could be out, some of the snow may have already melted, the noise will be back.

But you know what?  There is peace in that storm, you just have to find it my friends.

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