Starting a New Online Business – “I’m Brand New, How Can I Compete?”


Starting a New Online Business - "I'm Brand New, How Can I Compete?"Starting a New Online Business – “I’m Brand New, How Can I Compete?”

By April D Findley

Starting a business can be intimidating when you’re brand new to the industry. Maybe you were attracted to a business because of income claims you heard from other business owners. While their testimonies can be inspiring, they can also be very intimidating. If you are a new online business owner or you are thinking about starting your online business, you may be asking, “How can I compete with all the other people who are on the Internet?”

Being inexperienced can seem like a negative thing, but you can actually turn it around to your advantage by using your inexperience to sort through the hundreds of business opportunities on the Web. The best way to “level the playing field” is to look for a business opportunity that offers spectacular training. Such training will come directly from the top producers in the company, not from a “sponsor” who’s only been in the business a few weeks themselves. Superior training with a legitimate business opportunity will include training in several formats: live calls, recorded calls, webinars, videos, DVDs, websites, user forums and live training events. An opportunity that provides a duplicatible level of success is one that makes all its top earners and their secrets available to you.

The best way to level the playing field for your new online business is to become an expert and a leader yourself. In addition to the training provided through your business opportunity, you will want to consistently invest in your own personal development. I recommend books by Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Jeffrey Combs, Dale Carnegie & Stephen Covey, to name a few. If you commit to always being a student regardless of your success level, you will be able to achieve more in business and personal life than you ever dreamed of.

Finally, don’t get discouraged when starting your new online business. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning, but remember, we ALL started from the same place. A hunger for success, a goal to shoot for, and a determination to never give up are the most important “skills” to have when getting started on your new business.

April is a wife and mom living in Colorado with her husband, Matt and their three children. April and Matt run a home based internet marketing company. They offer financial education materials to investors, small business owners, and anyone else desiring to build wealth and learn the secrets of the rich. To learn more about her business opportunity, Click Here.

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