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Do Your Articles Sound Like A 5 Year Old Wrote Them?

article marketingI know that mine did…

I got into this industry 5 or so years ago and I was encouraged to write articles for marketing purposes.  At first I was pumped, I had opened a few article submission accounts from sites like ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com and I was off and running!

Here was my problem…

My writing skills were awful! My wife told me so! :-)

I didn’t believe her though.  So I purchased some copy-writing courses and spent a bunch of time studying and writing bad articles.  Eventually I started producing some decent content but the learning curve was rough!  My wife was right, my writing style needed a lot of help.

It took a ton of time.  I had to not only learn how to write but I had to learn what to write as well.  I didn’t know a whole lot about the internet marketing industry to begin with and article marketing requires a working knowledge of your subject material!  I was double screwed….

Fortunately I discovered some tricks to help me along the way.  My skills grew and my knowledge exploded but I had a lot of time on my hands.

A fellow marketer once told me that I should expect to write at least 100 articles to start seeing some regular results.  I’ve since deleted some of my earlier material and had some deleted for me :-) but there’s a few that I’ve left out there to remind myself where I’ve come from.  It’s a brutal road my friends.

A few things stood out to me in my marketing trials…

  • There are folks who are putting out a crap-ton of content
  • It’s always good quality
  • They do it on a consistent basis

What were they doing that I wasn’t? How was I supposed to compete? What was I missing?

Well here’s a big-time short-cut to exploding your article producing arsenal…

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Follow that link and enjoy!


How To Use Article Marketing For Backlinks

Article Marketing For Backlinks

Article Marketing For BacklinksI love article marketing.  It was the first strategy I chose when I moved my business online a few years ago.  In that time I’ve learned to use article marketing for all sorts of things, including backlinking.

In this article I want to share how I use article marketing for backlinks in the most effective way that I know how.

Being involved with MyLeadSystemPro, I’ve had the privilege of being introduced to some pretty incredible marketing tools through their weekly training webinars.  From folks who have been seeing massive results with lead generation and system sign-ups.

Article marketing for backlinks was the subject one of those webinars and a guy by the name of Rob Fore revealed a tool that he was using to get 8,000+ backlinks for each piece of content he created.

It was powerful.  If you have a good grasp on the concept of backlinks, you understand how big of a deal that that is.

I know when I find a keyword I want to try to compete for, and it has that many backlinks, I won’t even try because it’s so unreachable.  Yet he was doing it for every single piece of content.

The tool is the Article Marketing Robot.  I’d been using similar tools for a couple years but this thing was unlike any of them I’d ever seen.  I also had a couple of revelations while watching this particular webinar. 

#1 If I was using article marketing for backlinks, I didn’t need to spin my content.

#2 I could use articles I’ve already written, to backlink all sorts of things including videos!

Simply genius.  I was blown away how effective this tool could be, and it was extremely affordable.  So it was a no-brainer for me, but let’s get back to the article.

When using article marketing for backlinks, there are a few factors that will come into play.  The page rank of the sites you are posting on, which is basically the popularity of a site, the unique-ness of your original piece of content, and where your original piece of content is posted.

The page rank of a site has all sorts of determining factors that I have no clue about but basically, the more “page rank 1″ sites you have your link on, the better.

Your original piece of content should be unique to you.  Whether it’s a blog post that you wrote, or a video you shot, or an article you posted on ezinearticles.com.  It should be yours or at least benefit you in some way.

Once you have your original, just start putting a link back to it everywhere.  Every time you re-post it on  another article submission website, that creates another backlink!

I had no clue I could backlink youtube videos with articles but it’s true.  You can add backlinks to anything that has a URL.  And article marketing for backlinks is highly, highly effective and recommended.  Especially with the Article Marketing Robot.

To watch this Article Marketing For Backlinks <<<=== webinar, click the hyper-link.

It’s free to opt-in and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!!!

Ethics In Article Marketing – Have You Crossed A Line?

Ethics In Article Marketing

Ethics In Article MarketingToday I want to talk about ethics in article marketing.  When I first started marketing with articles, I had a lot of questions.  I did not want to get into trouble for any of my articles.  I specifically wanted to know what kinds of things I could get penalized for.

With this article I would like to make that line as clear as possible for you to eliminate the guess work when you start thinking about your ethics in article marketing.

What not to do.

I’ve found that writing negative articles doesn’t necessarily paint you as a leader.  It makes you look like kind of a chump.  The whole goal of article marketing is to use words in a way that makes someone take the next step.  So while writing negative articles may confirm your readers suspicions.  It most certainly will not persuade them to buy from you.

Stealing other marketers exact article content is also a no-no.  It’s called plagiarizing.  It can actually get you into alot of trouble.  Just don’t do it.

Ethics In Article Marketing – Have You Crossed A Line?

If you do find some valuable content that you would like to share with your list, here are a few things that you can do to put those articles on your websites.  You can personally ask the author if they mind if you use their content.  Most will only require that you put a link back to their article and make sure that you place them as the original author.  That’s it. 

Another way, is to be a publisher on your website.  Most article submission websites, like ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com, allow publishers to publish up to 25 articles a year from their sites.  They even provide the html code for you to just copy and paste on your site, already embedded with the  links and authors names.  That’s 50 free pieces of content from those two websites alone!  And there are plenty more out there that allow publishing.

Another thing I wanted to know was, how many times I could publish the same piece of content?  The answer is as many times as you want as long as you wrote it!  You just need to decide which one you want to be the original.  That really doesn’t matter either, it could be your latest ezinearticles post or your most recent blog-post.  Whatever the case, make sure to include a link to your original so you are giving it some back-link love to rank that original piece better in the search engines.  If you wish to rank multiple pieces of content then you could “spin” or change your article’s content about 30% every time you post it somewhere else.

A good rule of thumb to follow when applying ethics in article marketing is that…..

…..if it seems wrong it might very well be.  So use your own discretion when writing articles, have some integrity, keep it simple and consistent, and have fun!

P.S.  If you want to keep your ethics in article marketing in check and do things the way the pros do it, watch this webinar =======>>>http://Mattfindley.articlemarketingwebinar.com/ it’s free to opt in so what are you waiting for!