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Do Your Articles Sound Like A 5 Year Old Wrote Them?

article marketingI know that mine did…

I got into this industry 5 or so years ago and I was encouraged to write articles for marketing purposes.  At first I was pumped, I had opened a few article submission accounts from sites like ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com and I was off and running!

Here was my problem…

My writing skills were awful! My wife told me so! :-)

I didn’t believe her though.  So I purchased some copy-writing courses and spent a bunch of time studying and writing bad articles.  Eventually I started producing some decent content but the learning curve was rough!  My wife was right, my writing style needed a lot of help.

It took a ton of time.  I had to not only learn how to write but I had to learn what to write as well.  I didn’t know a whole lot about the internet marketing industry to begin with and article marketing requires a working knowledge of your subject material!  I was double screwed….

Fortunately I discovered some tricks to help me along the way.  My skills grew and my knowledge exploded but I had a lot of time on my hands.

A fellow marketer once told me that I should expect to write at least 100 articles to start seeing some regular results.  I’ve since deleted some of my earlier material and had some deleted for me :-) but there’s a few that I’ve left out there to remind myself where I’ve come from.  It’s a brutal road my friends.

A few things stood out to me in my marketing trials…

  • There are folks who are putting out a crap-ton of content
  • It’s always good quality
  • They do it on a consistent basis

What were they doing that I wasn’t? How was I supposed to compete? What was I missing?

Well here’s a big-time short-cut to exploding your article producing arsenal…

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Follow that link and enjoy!


Top 6 Tips for Building a List Using Article Marketing

Tips for Building a List Using Article Marketing

Tips for Building a List Using Article Marketing

Using article marketing for the purpose of building your list is a smart move.

It positions you as the leader and lets your readers know that you are the one they should be going to for the information they require. I know that might sound a little corny, but it’s true; if you’ve got a butt-load of articles out there on a particular topic, you will be perceived as someone who knows what they are talking about. Whether or not you do know what your talking about is up to you so here are a few tips to keep your readers coming back and lining up to get the information that you are so willingly eager to share.

Tip number one: Establish your target audience. If you are a Rep in a juice or supplement company you should be writing articles on health and fitness. Maybe the benefits of using the ingredients in your products could be topic. This will attract prospects who are interested in those things who will be more likely to opt in to your list because you are the expert, remember? Writing articles on random topics may get you visitors and readers but those people are way less likely to join your list. There are endless topics in any particular genre, you just need to put a little effort into what to write about and you will be fine.

“Building a list with article Marketing is a long term strategy, it’s not going to happen overnight.”

Tip number two: Promote your content! This one is super important, you can’t rely on the search engines to bring you the amount of traffic it takes to be successful with article marketing. It takes massive action to drive readers to your content. Social book-marking is a great way to gain momentum so share it on Facebook and Twitter, ask your friends to comment and share as well. You’ll be surprised by how many people will respond when asked.

Tip number three: Have a hub! You need a base of operations; a place where you can put all of your content. A self-hosted blog is the ideal place because you ultimately own the content, there isn’t an approval process, and you are in charge of what makes it on your website. But using things like Ezinearticles.com or Blogger.com can also act as your hub. There are also what is called mini-blogging sites as well like Squidoo.com or Hubpages.com that will also accept your unique content. All are free and rank well in the search engines.

Tip number four: And this one always gets lost in the shuffle, promote your promoters! If you write and post an article on your blog, make a video about how you just wrote an article on “XYZ” topic and have the URL in the video description point back your original hub item then share the video too! It’s called the world wide web for a reason; you can make your own giant web of content all connected to each other with promotion and back-linking and it doesn’t take a whole lot of extra work once you have all of your accounts set up. It’s easy and very effective for building your list.

“You can’t get any momentum by only writing articles once a week or a couple times a month….”

Tip number five: And definitely the most important, be consistent! Your readers won’t come back if there’s nothing new to read. Article marketing takes massive action on the content creation side as well. You can’t get any momentum by writing once a week or a couple times a month, it just doesn’t happen all that often. Sure there are those who get a couple articles out there that are keyword optimized and get tons of search engine traffic but those guys are professionals who have been at it a log time. They’ve been consistent and paid their dues. When just starting out with article marketing, consistency will build that professionalism in you and your list.

Tip number six: The last and equally important to number five, you’ve got to have a place for your readers to submit their information to you. If you don’t have any names you don’t have a list. This place will be your “capture page.” This is not a squeeze page or sales page, nothing too flashy, not a bombardment of information and offers. Just a little information on you and what you can do for them. If you mislead your readers they will not stay around for too long and your retention rate will be very low.

Stick to these steps and remember to be honest and true with your readers and you will build a list for life!

To get your very own Capture Page and Article Directory, check out My Lead System Pro!

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How To Find A Great Title For Your Network Marketing Blog

How To Find A Great Title For Your Network Marketing Blog

How To Find A Great Title For Your Network Marketing BlogFinding a great name or title for your network marketing blog can sometimes be a daunting task.  You want it to be perfect, but fear and doubt seem to creep up at exactly the wrong time.  Just when you think you have the most awesome thing picked out, something inside of you says “that’s stupid” and you never pull the trigger.

Here are some great resources and reasons to get up and running tonight!

First, include your name in the title.  You will want people to be able find your content in the search engines and also, it’s really freaking easy to rank in the search engines for a keyword term like your name.  

Second, choose a general term that’s really popular in your niche, or area of expertise.  That way people will know exactly what you’re going to be talking about in your posts.  You don’t have to stick with the same topics when creating new content, that’s what pages and categories are for.  It’s a good idea to have an overall target of discussion for your future visitors.

For example, let’s say you’re interested in brewing beer and your free time consists of visiting the many microbreweries in Colorado.  Your title would be “Matt Findley’s Colorado Beer Tour” or “John Smith’s Guide to Colorado Microbreweries.”  

Or maybe you’ve decided to hike in a different state park every weekend this summer and you plan to review each experience with a blog post.  Your title could be something like “Arizona State Hiking With Matt Findley” or “Max Power’s Summer 2011 Arizona Hiking Review”.  

Perhaps you’re really into copywriting and you want to use your blog to teach others the basics and direct them to tools you’ve found helpful in your own learning process.  Your blog could be titled, “Pete Jones’ Copywriting Cliff Notes” or ‘Pete Jones – The Copywriting Coach”.

If I’m sure you get the picture.  Keep it simple and sweet.  Also, make sure you’re conveying a little of what people can expect to receive from reading your blog on a regular basis.

Third, just pick something and stick with it.  So many people get hung up on titles and content, then never put any of their great ideas and knowledge out there for consumption.  Nobody will read a blog that doesn’t exist yet.  One more thing to keep in mind is that you can always change it later if you don’t like it anymore or if it’s just not working for you.

For suggestions on keywords you’ll want to target, use Google’s free keyword tool.  It’s really easy to use and well, it’s free.  There you can narrow down your search and be able to look at a lot of different keywords in your niche at one time.  There are some other free keyword tools out there, but honestly they all probably get most of their results from Google anyways so stick with the king.  It will save you some time and hassle in the long run.  After all, you want to get your site up running as soon as possible right?

Your MLM Blog Is BORING – I’ll Prove It To You

This Guy Was Reading Your Blog

This Guy Was Reading Your MLM BlogIf you’re in the network marketing industry and you’re anything like me, you like reading and watching new and fresh content everyday to stimulate the old noggin. What I’ve come across lately is some pretty boring same ol’-same ol’ that makes me want to turn and run to the nearest Mike Dillard site because I know it’s at least going to have some stimulating content or ideas to consume.

Here’s an example of some articles that no-one will bother to read, these are real titles from real industry articles.

  • MLM Marketing System – Establishing Dominance In Organic Search Rankings
  • Tips for Building a List Using Article Marketing
  • Dealing With the Fears That Come With Internet Marketing
  • Easy Home Business – Is There Such a Thing?
  • One Thing at a Time – Keeping Your Internet Marketing Business in Perspective

These articles have been available to read for well over a year and have a combined viewer total of 21 visitors. I can promise you that it wasn’t for a lack of promotion either because they’re MY ARTICLES! I pushed the hell out of those things and didn’t see crap!

But then I had some breakthroughs in my copy-writing and applied a few easy changes I had learned from a couple of people and BAM! “Easy Home Business – Is There Such a Thing?” became “Easy Home Business – So Easy Grandma Can Do It!” and 4 views and no click-throughs became 34 views, 4 click-throughs, and 2 leads over night.

I know that’s not a lot to some people but that’s only one website and one article example with no promotion. It’s just a simple change you can consciously make to be a little more engaging or controversial in your titles to draw in readership.

So know this, there are going to be hundreds of thousands of people out there gunning for the same keywords you are. The only way to grab that traffic away is to stick your foot out and trip em’ up. Make them laugh, make them cry, piss them off, do whatever you have to do to get them in the door. Then serenade them with your sweet ramblings but the title is the first and only impression you may ever get. Your writing may be spectacular but if no-body’s coming in the door to look at it, it’s a waste of your time.

P.S. I only bought one copy-writing course and it changed EVERYTHING for me!