MLM Marketing Plan – 6 Crucial Elements for Success

MLM Marketing Plan

When you first get involved with an mlm opportunity, it’s a good idea to put together your own mlm marketing plan. Here are 6 things that I’ve found to be absolutely neccessary if you want to have any level of success with your new home business. The first one is kind of a no-brainer, it’s […]

Please Lord, Don’t Let Them Steal My Identity……

Fearful Lady

 When I first started digging into this industry, I was very cautious in the beginning with my name and email address.  “What if someone steals my identity?” I thought or, “I don’t want a bunch of spam”.  Little did I know that I was unintentionally keeping myself from some of the most profound information that would change […]

All You Have To Change – Is Your Mind

Change Your Mindset

I saw a commercial for an infomercial this morning about quitting smoking.   I too am a former smoker but what caught my ear in this commercial was the phrase uttered at the very end, “All You Have To Change – Is Your Mind.”  You see, a lot of my very good friends are still smokers and […]

*Attention* Are You A Suffering Entrepreneur Stuck In The Classic Pyramid Scheme?


I know I was.  When I say pyramid scheme, I’m talking about the ol’ J-O-B, “just over broke”.  Where all of the little worker bee’s are working their butts off to make someone else richer, with virtually no chance of making it anywhere significant within said company. Here are some tell-tale symptoms if you have […]