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Becoming Successful in Business – As Easy As Talking to Yourself!

Becoming Successful in Business - As Easy As Talking to Yourself!

Becoming Successful in Business - As Easy As Talking to Yourself!Becoming Successful in Business – As Easy As Talking to Yourself!

By April D Findley

“Success is a mindset”. I have heard this statement repeatedly and it used to baffle me. Where are the instructions in that statement? Yeah, it sounds great to say, “If you will change the way you think, then you will become the successful entrepreneur you long to be!” But if you have never been successful before, how will you know what to change about your own thinking? Or, what if you are a new entrepreneur and have not been around successful people? How are you supposed to know how successful people talk to themselves? Is there any real truth to support that a person’s success is reliant on the way they talk to themselves?

What to Say When You Talk To Your Self "Shad Helmstetter"Most of us are not programmed with messages that lead to success. In his book What To Say When You Talk To Yourself, Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. explains how our brain responds to countless subconscious messages by giving the body commands, mostly to keep the body alive. However, there is another type of subconscious message that the brain receives: our thoughts. The thoughts we think, many of which we are unaware of, actually tell our body how to feel and what actions to take. What does this have to do with success? It depends on the messages you have received throughout your life, starting with childhood. Most of us heard “no!” more than 100,000 times in the first 18 years of our lives. As we got older, perhaps we were told that we should not pursue this as a career or we were not smart enough to study that field. A lot of times these messages were coming from well-meaning adults that were trying to protect us from “unnecessary” risk. As we mature into adults ourselves, we take on that “responsible”, “safe” and “mature” way of thinking and we become our own negative message givers. Helstetter goes on to explain how the mind works like a computer, following out the instructions it’s programmed with. The computer doesn’t care what the instructions say. You could upload a virus and the computer will run that program, corrupting all the data it stores UNLESS there is a program installed that deletes viruses. If you tell yourself that you are not a successful person, the brain will control your attitudes and behaviors to make that statement a reality!

We have the ability to reprogram our minds for success. So just like a computer that runs poorly when corrupted with viruses and spyware, our attempts to improve our lives fail when we are carrying around negative programming. When your computer acts up, you take it to the shop. They delete the malicious programs, run some utilities and amazingly, your computer runs like new! We can do the same thing with our minds, wiping it clean of the old, negative programming and putting new, success-driven messages in our mind for the brain to act on. For example, if you are struggling with getting into action and meeting goals for your business, you could use “self-talk” to reprogram your mind. What do you say to yourself about your business? Instead of saying, “I set goals but I never find the time to work on them”, you could say, “Meeting goals is a top priority for me. I set reasonable and reachable goals for myself. It is important to me to reach my goals and I’m achieving goals all the time! I always make time to work on myself and my goals.” Instead of saying, “I am struggling with my business. I just cannot seem to get into action”, you could say, “I look forward to working my business every day. I always have new and creative ideas. I take action every day to do something that helps my business grow. I am successful in my business.” You don’t have to wait until the statements are true before you use them! In fact, when you are coming up with your positive new self-talk, you should state things the way you want them to be as if they were already true! Remember, the brain doesn’t care if the instructions are true or not. The brain is only concerned with carrying out the instructions it’s given. If you use self-talk that tells your brain to be successful, it will naturally comply.

If success is your desire, take the time to feed your mind the right programming. It is recommended in Dr. Helmstetter’s book that you come up with several self-talk statements that give your brain precise instructions to achieve your new behavior. It is recommended to write 12 to 16 statements and programming your mind with these new messages 3 to 4 times a day. You can program your new messages by writing them, reading them, reading them aloud to yourself, or recording yourself reading them, and then listening to the recording. Do this for a few weeks and see what happens! If you are interested in learning more about “Self-Talk”, I strongly recommend reading What To Say When You Talk To Your Self by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.

April is a wife and mom living in Colorado with her husband, Matt and their three children. April and Matt run a home based internet marketing company. They offer financial education materials to investors, small business owners, and anyone else desiring to build wealth and learn the secrets of the rich. To learn more about her business Click Here.

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MLM Marketing Plan – 6 Crucial Elements for Success

MLM Marketing Plan

MLM Marketing PlanWhen you first get involved with an mlm opportunity, it’s a good idea to put together your own mlm marketing plan.

Here are 6 things that I’ve found to be absolutely neccessary if you want to have any level of success with your new home business.

The first one is kind of a no-brainer, it’s a product or opportunity.  Let’s face it, if you don’t have this one you don’t have anything to market, so what’s the point right?  But if by chance you are still searching, I’ve got the perfect solution for you here.

Next is a lead capture system, you’ve got to have a way to capture a prospects information.  Trust me, contacting leads is way more profitable when they actually give you their name and phone number as compared to buying a lead list or stealing business cards out of a punch-bowl.

An auto-responder is the next element of a successful mlm marketing plan.  You need a way to keep in touch with all of your leads once you’ve made the initial contact.  Sometimes it takes six months to a year for a prospect to join your opportunity or buy a product.  An auto-responder gives you the advantage of maintaining that relationship until their timing is better.  I use Aweber for mine.

Mindset is probably one of, if not the most important element for the effectiveness of your mlm marketing plan.

You’ve got to be committed to growing your mind everyday.  Listen to some company trainings, read some personal development books, follow a top producer within your opprotunity’s ranks.  Whatever you do, do it everyday.  Your marketing will be much more profitable when you do.  Spend some time on your mind!

Next, find a marketing strategy that you know to work and master it.  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite marketing strategies <====here.  That’s not the point though, the point is, is that you will eventually be a master of many techniques.  Take the necessary time to master your favorite first, then move on and expand your marketing repertoire.

A social media presence can be the cornerstone of any successful mlm marketing plan.  You will use your social media accounts to drive a flood of traffic to your websites and it’s a great way for prospects to get to know, like, and trust you.  Sign up for a service called Onlywire, form there join all 40 social networking and bookmarking sites that they have available and start submitting all of your content.  Trust me, you will thank me for this information later.

When all of these elements are in place, your mlm marketing plan will be complete and ready for you to implement with massive action. 

It takes time and you may not see results overnight or even after a couple of weeks, but if you plan to work and work your plan, you will become a network marketing all-star!

Please Lord, Don’t Let Them Steal My Identity……

Fearful Lady

 When I first started digging into this industry, I was very cautious in the beginning with my name and email address.  “What if someone steals my identity?” I thought or, “I don’t want a bunch of spam”. 

Little did I know that I was unintentionally keeping myself from some of the most profound information that would change my business forever……

You see, I was already involved in an opportunity, that wasn’t the problem.  It was the information I was seeking that was bringing me to all of these websites with folks all over them talking about training and marketing with videos and blogs, sites much like this one.  When I would find the information I was looking for I was only getting half of the story.

There was a crap-ton of great training within the system I was marketing as well, but still it seemed that I was only getting half of the information.  That’s why I turned to the Internet, to get “the rest of the story” like Paul Harvey says.

I first turned to people I had heard of that were achieving success in the same company I was involved with.  There was a lot of great content but I was always drawn to thier little opt-in box in the corner promising some sweet training that I couldn’t get any where else or some report that would explain to me why I was failing at my opportunity.  In came that nagging feeling that these people were out rip me off big time and leave me with nothing but the clothes on my back.

I remember the way I felt the first time I actually filled one of those things out.  I was freaked out but desperate enough to step out of my comfort zone.  I made a conscious effort to seek out someone I knew of, liked their stuff, and trusted because they were marketing the same thing I was.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised, this gentlemen over-delivered.  Over a year later I actually joined his team but that’s not the point of this post.  It was the fear that was holding me back from that information.  I was scared that somehow all of these people were out to get me. 

My fear was justified, I had been scammed before.  In fact it was for thousands of dollars to a so-called mortgage/debt restructuring company but it wasn’t because I gave them my name and e-mail.  They already had that information, they just preyed on my situation.

So in closing today, if you really want to know what’s on the inside of this website or any other you may be following, take a chance, it’s just an email address.  In fact I created a separate email address (with my real name) just to join people’s lists, I want to see how they operate.  I’ve actually learned a lot more from individuals once I’m receiving their emails because I’ve ended up on some really great private training webinars.

So don’t sell yourself short and let fear hold you back, you never know what kind of breakthroughs you could have if you just stepped forward.

Create your own special “opt-in only email account” and join as many lists as you want! 8)

All You Have To Change – Is Your Mind

Change Your Mindset

Change Your MindsetI saw a commercial for an infomercial this morning about quitting smoking.   I too am a former smoker but what caught my ear in this commercial was the phrase uttered at the very end, “All You Have To Change – Is Your Mind.” 

You see, a lot of my very good friends are still smokers and they always have asked me how I did it, quit smoking that is.  And my response was always something like “I just stopped” or “I got sick of it,” something along those lines.

But the real truth of the matter is, I just made the decision to quit.  It wasn’t easy by any means.  I’m a christian and it was a spiritual battle for the ages, there were some very “heated” discussions between me and God for probably years after.  But I haven’t picked up a cigarette since, all because I made the decision and stuck with it.

I committed to it whole-heartedly, never wavered, never gave in, just stuck with my decision to this day.  As far as what this has to do with Network Marketing, a lot of people when they get involved never fully commit to it.  They never make that decision to stick with it until they have that ever powerful breakthrough.  I will repeat what I’ve heard hundreds of times over the years in this business, “The only way to fail at network marketing is to quit” and the ONLY thing you have to change is your mind!

Watch what Will Smith has to say about the power of commitment and mindset:

It really is all in your head……


*Attention* Are You A Suffering Entrepreneur Stuck In The Classic Pyramid Scheme?

I know I was.  When I say pyramid scheme, I’m talking about the ol’ J-O-B, “just over broke”.  Where all of the little worker bee’s are working their butts off to make someone else richer, with virtually no chance of making it anywhere significant within said company.

Here are some tell-tale symptoms if you have this dangerous condition.

  • It annoys you that there are people hanging out by the time-clock at the end of the day to squeeze an extra few minutes out of their day.
  • You find yourself looking for new opportunities to “invest” your wife’s 401k.
  • You wanted to name your new puppy “Amway”
  • Flipping houses seems like it could be easy.
  • Being “Employee Of The Month” was a lot more significant to you when you were 16.

If you find yourself suffering from one or more of these symptoms, then please do yourself a favor and watch this free presentation on The Only Government Approved Money System On Facebook.  You just have to authorize the application, then sit back and enjoy because this is right up your alley my friend!Just Over Broke

Other side effects may include wandering mind, sleepiness at work, anxiety, and the realization that you are the smartest one in the office.  Please do not operate heavy machinery while watching this presentation.