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8 Free Ways To Generate MLM Leads Online

Generate MLM Leads Online

Generate MLM Leads OnlineLeads are the life-blood of your home business.  With the popularity of the Internet, it makes a lot of sense to take your business online.

Here are 8 ways that I use to generate mlm leads online for free.  Who doesn’t like free?

  1. Article Marketing
  2. Video Marketing
  3. Blogging
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Classifieds
  6. List Builders
  7. Mini Blogging
  8. Forum Marketing

Article marketing is a really popular strategy.  It’s one of the first strategies I utilized to generate mlm leads online.  There are probably thousands of article directories online that allow free memberships for article submission.  It’s easy to join and a great way to drive a boat-load of traffic to your capture pages.

Video marketing is huge and highly effective.  It allows for a relationship to develop without even making contact with your prospects.  It’s easy to convey a message through video and YouTube is the 3rd most trafficked website in the world, trailing only Google and Facebook. 

Blogging to generate mlm leads online is smart, and it’s free to set one up.  You could do it right through your gmail account in a couple of minutes.  Or use blogger.com if you don’t have gmail.  It’s free and completely customizable.  Once you get the hang of it though, you should definitely upgrade and host your own.

Social media seems like a logical avenue to generate mlm leads online but it does take some skill to learn.  But if done correctly you won’t get your accounts shut down and be a bother to your friends.  I recommend Michelle Alpha’s Social Media Mastery, she’s awesome and does all of her business on social media for free or very low-cost PPC.

All of these ways to generate mlm leads online are highly effective…..

Classifieds are what I used to generate my very first lead online for free.  Craigslist gets an insane amount of traffic and it’s free to post, but be wise with your postings and don’t be spammy, they monitor their customer complaints and will ban you if you’re not careful.

List builders are free to join and send out a one-time mailing to 3,000 of it’s members.  Pretty good deal for free.  I’ve generated a crap-ton of leads with Listjoe.com, Viralurl.com, and Stateoftheartmailer.com.  With the right message you can too.  Join through my links and I’ll give you the exact ads I’ve used to get 20+ leads on a single mailing.  Just shoot me a message after you join and ask nicely.

Mini blogging is posting your content on sites like Squidoo.com or Hubpages.com.  They don’t really like the mlm industry but with some clever niche marketing you can get past the front-lines.  They rank in the search well and once again, are free to join.

Forum marketing takes a lot of work and interaction but on the right forums you can generate a lot of traffic back to your sites and then convert the traffic to leads.  I’ve done it successfully but like I said it takes a lot of time.  But it is free.

I’ve personally had success with each one of these strategies and would not recommend them if I hadn’t. 

If you’re looking for ways to generate mlm leads online for free.  Pick one of these strategies and master it before you move on, they all work great. 

Talk to you guys tomorrow! 8)

P.S.  I recommend MyLeadSystemPro to completely eliminate your learning curve!

A State Of The Art Mailer (SOTAM) Review



This State Of The Art Mailer Review will cover all of the features and benefits of using this system.  I have been personally using the system for a few months now and this is my initial impression of this particular mailer.

What is State Of The Art Mailer?

State of the art mailer is a system designed by Jay Pause and Brad Webb.  It is a “safe-list” type of mailer.  As a free member you can mail 500 random members every 7 days with a link to your website or offer, and members are then directed to view your website or offer through your system email to earn credits for their own state of the art mailer marketing campaigns.

As of this posting, State of the art mailer has an Alexa traffic ranking of 6,990 which is very respectable considering it’s current membership levels are at 16,327.  That means that a very large portion of it’s members are actively using their mailer to promote! 

As far as other mailers go this one is fairly new and sits number 2 behind List-Joe which has a traffic rank of 3,825 with over 80,000 members and right in front of ViralUrl (11,494 alexa-100,000+members).  Again all numbers are accurate as of this posting date.  I would also say that State of the art mailer’s numbers are excellent for it’s age considering that the other 2 have been around a lot longer.

What do you get as a “paying” State Of the Art Mailer member?

There are multiple button levels to choose from.  The cost goes up depending on how many members you want to be able to mail to and the frequency of your mailings.  Free State of the art mailer members can mail every 7 days where as paid members can mail every 3 days.

When you upgrade your button level, you are increasing exposure to your ads by 300, 600, 1000, 1500, and 2000 percent as the buttons become available.  Their mailer is “virally engineered” to explode your click rates like you’ve never seen before.

As the site grows, so does the price of these button levels.  Once you upgrade, you are LOCKED IN to that price for life.  Which is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Does the State Of The Art Mailer traffic convert?

In my personal experience, any of the traffic you will receive from these types of mailers is highly qualified traffic.  Meaning that the folks coming to your website are going to be directly involved in the internert marketing industry or most likely very closely related to the internet marketing industry.  Whether or not that traffic converts is up to you and your sales copy skill level.

Overall, Jay Pause and Brad Webb have really put together a “State Of The Art Mailer”, just like the name says.  There is a ton of promotional tools inside plus some inovative marketing strategies that you’ll just have to see for yourself!

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