The Best MLM Leads Are 100% Free

Best MLM LeadsSo you’re poking around on the internet.  You should be doing some work but being on the phone all day is starting to seriously suck.  You’re in an MLM company but haven’t quite made it yet.  The last lead list you bought was awful and stale.  What if there was a way to find the best mlm leads without having to pay for them?

So that begs the question, how do you do it?

First we’ll look at the qualities of a highly-qualified lead.  These are my parameters.

  • Very interested in what I’m selling.
  • Already understands the industry.
  • Is actively searching for a new opportunity.
  • Willing to invest a little capital.
  • Ready to make a decision.

That would be someone who I’d really be interested in chatting with.  That is every marketers dream to talk to these types of leads.  They were once thought to be mythological but now exist in growing numbers of “attraction marketing” groups.

The best mlm leads are being generated now everyday, all 100% free.  Top-earning network marketers are now giving their closely guarded secrets away for free, most only requiring a phone number.  

Here’s some free strategies for generating these highly qualified leads:

Article marketing, somebody that finds your article through a search on the internet is very qualified.  Why, because you’re the one providing the information that they need.  With a good topic and article resource box, those leads will be giving YOU their phone numbers.

Video marketing, same thing, a prospect finds your video through search, again very qualified.  With a descent short video, you’re leads will already know your voice and feel a little less guarded.

Social media marketing.  With social media being everywhere nowadays it just makes sense to integrate your business within them.

Best MLM LeadsThis is just a few but a lead generated off of one of these strategies could be your next over-achieving team member.  And remember that the best mlm leads are the ones that you’ve generated yourself!

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