Tips for Facebook Marketing | Don’t Get Put in the Facebook Jail!

Tips for Facebook Marketing

Tips for Facebook MarketingFacebook is a great place market your products and services. But there are some practices within the industry that you should steer clear of to avoid the now infamous Facebook jail!

This is where your account status may not be completely suspended but you will have features and privileges shut down on you if you are a habitual violator. And it’s sometimes 30 60 even 90 days before your account can be restored.

Here’s a few tips for Facebook marketing that will keep you out of the Facebook big-house.

Facebook marketing tip number 1. Don’t add too many friends and then send all of your new friends a message about your opportunity. Facebook does not like that. The red flag for them is that you are sending out a bunch of private messages and no-one is responding. This practice is frowned upon.

The correct way to approach this tactic is to keep your new friend requests to a minimum, I would say no more than 15-20 a day. And when you decide to message these folks, don’t hit them up with your link right away. Be social, find some common interests and connect on a personal level. After all, Facebook is a social network right?

Facebook marketing tip number 2. Don’t go joining a bunch of groups and then blast them all with your links. Again, Facebook will see that people are not responding to your spammy posts and shut your features down. A way to avoid this is to be engaging instead of posting your links. Provide value to the group. And be friendly. You are way more likely to get a response if you’re actively engaging the groups with questions, answers, and personality.

The last Facebook marketing tip to avoid the jail is to create and operate out of your Facebook fan-page. Your public profile should not be your main base of marketing operations inside of Facebook. This where so many people get their stuff shut down, by being all crazy with their marketing, and then desperate when aunt Rita won’t join xyz company, and make some sketchy decisions with links and messages.

Again, start marketing with a fan-page. That’s what they are for. The people who end up following you are the ones who want to hear what you have say about your particular niche. Facebook is a lot more lenient to users in this forum. Plus you will have access to all kinds of analytics tools to help you gain more exposure.

I hope that its not too late, and I’ve found you on the outside of the Facebook jail. And if you’ve had the unlucky experience of having your account suspended or looked at by the social media police, these tips for Facebook marketing should get you on the right track.

For a more in-depth look at how to avoid the Facebook slammer, click the link below.

Tips for Facebook Marketing

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