Top 10 Marketer Types – See Which One You Are!

Top 10 Marketer Types – See Which One You Are!

I know that you can relate to one of these so here we go…..

Flanders MarketerThe Flanders Marketer – You absolutely love marketing to your neighbors. Across the fence, at church, at the cul-de-sac stop-sign.  It doesn’t diddly matter to you!

Cat Marketer TrainingCat Marketer – You sleep all day then do all of your marketing in the bathtub at 2:00 in the morning.

Casper's Favorite StrategyGhost Marketer – During some recorded webinars, an E.V.P. (electronic voice phenomenon) of you marketing can be heard in the playback.

Frat Boy Marketer TrainingFrat-Boy Party House Marketer – You market, market, market all night long and then your friends find you passed out in the bushes with your laptop.

Non-Conformist Marketing TrainingEmo Marketer – All of your non-conformist marketing is against the establishment.

This Guy's Ready To Do Some Marketing VideosBusiness Casual Marketer – You have been known to market in your dockers and a sweater-vest.

Have A Mullet?Mullet Marketer – All business in the front-end marketing, all wild and crazy in the back-end.

Epic Grunge TrainingGrunge Marketer – Most of your marketing doesn’t make any sense.  But 20 years from now your strategies and content will be remembered as “EPIC”

Juggling Life And MarketingB’Tweener Marketer – You market in between dropping the kids off, going to the bank, laundry, and emptying the dishwasher.

Are You A Godfather Marketer?Godfather Marketer – You had punks marketing for you back in the day, you have punks marketing for you now.

I certainly had fun writing this post so if you had fun reading it, leave a comment,  Add your own marketer types, let’s have some fun!

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