Top Social Media Marketing Sites

Social media websites are a great place to market your product or service.

There are a ton of them out there to choose from, here is a list of the top social media marketing sites on the internet. (In my opinion of course) And why I think you should be marketing on them.

The number 1 social media site would be Facebook. DUH. Here’s a few reasons why I would rank it number 1. It is the second most visited website on the entire internet! That is some major traffic. It’s even surpassed Google a couple of times I think to take over that number 1 ranking. So to skip it for something else, you’d be leaving major potential for sales and sign-ups on the table and that would be a huge mistake!

The number 2 social media site I would choose is Youtube. Now you might be thinking that Youtube is just a video uploading service, or where you spend time “researching work stuff” lol. But there’s actually a very user friendly social media side to it as well. Where you can have a friends list, a following for your channel, and integration with your Google+ account. Youtube has a major upside in that if you are using it to market, your videos automatically get blasted out to your friends and followers, and your videos can potentially rank in the actual search engines for free! That is pure marketing GOLD if you ask me.

The number 3 social media I would recommend utilizing is Twitter. Now Twitter can be a pitch-fest, and full of straight up garbage and nonsense. But when used to drive traffic to your website or capture page, a compelling offer posted on Twitter can be a great way to get folks off of the pitch-fest and focused squarely on you! And if you’ve got an offer that converts, those visitors can become valuable prospects and customers.

Let’s face it, social media is now a major part of our lives. I know very few people outside of my grandparents that aren’t on Facebook.

It’s engrained into our society.

Social media is here to stay as long as the internet doesn’t go anywhere.

But remember, social media is just that. Social! It doesn’t work to just throw up your offer on everybody’s inbox and expect the sales to start flowing in. It takes time. You have to build relationships…..

Now I have some incredible training on how to effectively use social media for marketing without blasting your friends and family on why your juice is better than what they can get at Walmart. And I’ll send it to you on the next page, but all that I ask from is your best email, so that I don’t send it out into cyberspace to float around not helping anybody.

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Top Social Media Marketing Sites

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