Video SEO | How to Optimize Your Videos to Rank on the 1st Page!

Video SEOVideo SEO or video search engine optimization is what video marketers use to get their videos to rank in the search engines like google, yahoo, and bing.

There are a lot of on-page video seo factors that go into whether or not your video is going to get picked up, here are a five video seo tips that you could put into practice on your next piece of content.

Video SEO tip #1 Make sure the keyword you’re going after is in the title of your video.  No more than 2 times, stuffing your keyword into the title will get your account shut down!

Video SEO tip #2 Make sure your keyword is sprinkled throughout your video description.  Again no stuffing or spamming your keyword here.  Keep it around 3-7% max!

Video SEO tip #3 Put your keyword into the tags of your video.  Put your keyword as one of the tags into your video, and then add related search terms to your tags as well.

Video SEO tip #4 Make use of the time stamps that youtube provides with your keyword.  The time stamp feature is just one more area youtube provides to divide your video into sections and tag specific times in the video that you are making a point or want to bring attention to something.

Video SEO tip #5 If you can get your keyword into the link you’re marketing, you will have an edge up on the competition!  This is just something I like to do but hey, it’s one more time I can sneak my keyword on to the page!

If you put these 5 video seo tips into action tonight,

I guarantee that you will be doing more video seo than 95% of other marketers. I know because I see it all of the time.

Most people give up after the title.

So if you really want to learn what it’s going to take to go after some big time keywords and get on the first page of google, or even boot your competition out of the way and take over those coveted search engine rankings……

You need to check out this course on video marketing, these five video seo tips are only the tip of the iceberg.

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