What are the Best Ideas For Making Money From Home?

This is why we wanted ideas for making money from homeThree years ago, my husband and I were in debt.  We both had good jobs (if “job” stands for “just- over-broke”) but with three kids and a mortgage, we were never going to get ahead. 

We had goals of spending more time with our kids, getting out of debt, investing, and planning for the future.  But the way things were going, we’d be working into our golden years to pay off the mortgage and a few small credit cards. 

We started looking online for ideas for making money from home.  We both knew that punching a clock day after day would never help us reach that first goal of spending more time with our kids. 

Searching in Google, we were not disappointed.  There were thousands, if not millions, of results with ideas for making money from home.  We were very attracted to an opportunity learning internet-marketing and decided to go for it.

That’s where things got interesting.

Of all the ideas for making money from home, internet-marketing was the most interesting to us for several reasons.

We were familiar with network-marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM), so we understood the power of having a way to earn a residual income.

We had done traditional MLM before.  Working full-time jobs and then trying to build an MLM business part-time was going to give us even LESS time with our kids; but with Internet Marketing, we could learn to build pages that would capture leads for us, present our product, and take orders from customers. 

Basically, we could do the work once, then have the Internet run our business on autopilot while we did other things.

Sounds like the PERFECT answer for a couple searching ideas for making money from home, right????


What we didn’t know at the time was that we would end up pouring THOUSANDS of dollars into our internet-marketing efforts as we struggled to learn the skills and procure the tools that would set us apart from the packs of hungry marketers online. 

Conversion Barriers for ideas for making money from homeWhat we also didn’t know was that Life was going to throw everything it could at us to derail us from our dreams and get us to give up on our business.  Our income got cut in half.  Our babysitter quit on us, so then we were trying to get our business going with a 2-year old at home.  We went into bankruptcy.  We foreclosed on our home.  Then we learned we were having another child. 

Fast-forward to Summer of 2011.  Our ideas for making money from home had become a NIGHTMARE for our family.  Our business was struggling, we were barely making ends meet. 

I was working full-time while my husband ran our business from home.  The challenges he faced of trying to market online while caring for four children felt INSURMOUNTABLE. 

Between driving two kids to 2 different schools, caring for a 4 year old and a newborn, then picking the older kids up from school in the afternoons, my husband could only sit down and FOCUS, uninterrupted, late at night after everyone was in bed.  And of course, he was exhausted by then. 

No matter what we did, we COULD NOT get ahead with our business. 

But all of that was about to change. 

See, the challenge with our ideas for making money from home was that, although internet-marketing is everything we knew it was, it wasn’t so easy to get our opportunity out to the masses like we thought it would be. 

Our challenges included:

–    Being technically inexperienced 

–    Having no historical “presence” online

–    Receiving training that only hinted at what truly needed to be done to make money online

–    Having no money for marketing, so having to rely on free strategies

–    Having no way to create quick cash flow into our business that could be reinvested.

We needed a way to quickly build a residual income that could sustain our business while we learned the finer skills of marketing online.

We spent several thousand dollars to attend an event we thought would set us up for success, but was really a week of pitching more opportunities we couldn’t afford.  We came away broke, uneducated, deeply disappointed, and left to figure things out on our own. 

We were no less serious about our business than when we started in 2009, but we had 4 children to take care of, and we were paying off the loan we took out to attend an event when we first started. 

David Wood has the BEST ideas for making money from home!Then, my husband discovered David Wood online about a year ago.

Matt was blown away watching a FREE webinar that explained why no one was seeing his content and how to change that with a few easy techniques.  David Wood was offering personalized coaching and we just KNEW if Matt could train with David Wood, things would turn around for us. 

But the training wasn’t cheap.  It was frustrating knowing we’d found a true coach in David Wood and not being able to financially take advantage of it. 

When considering ideas for making money from home, we all hear that SERIOUS entrepreneurs will do whatever it takes to purchase that membership upgrade, to get to that event, etc. 

But we literally did not have the money.  We had already tapped EVERY source we had over the previous 2.5 years to get this business going. 

So you can imagine how THRILLED we were when we learned one of our favorite internet-marketing gurus, David Wood, was launching a product that PROMISED to create a residual income for it’s members by paying 100% COMMISSIONS directly into their bank accounts. 

If you are looking for ideas for making money from home, the Empower Network is the answer.  What makes the Empower Network DIFFERENT?  I’ll tell you:

Unlike MOST opportunities with ideas for making money from home, the Empower Network REMOVES the barriers that prevents most entrepreneurs from making money online. 

You don’t have to Sell Anything

You don’t have to Call Leads

You don’t have to Close Sales

You don’t have to Build Any Websites

You don’t have to Rank for Specific Keywords

You don’t have to Brand Yourself

You don’t have to Purchase Any Domains

With the Empower Network, what you DO have to do is commit to the 8 Core Commitments, Log In, Blog Daily, and Tell Others.  The selling is done, the branding is done, the websites are built to convert, and when someone buys from your website, 100% of the commissions are paid directly into your bank account. 

If you are a mother or a father, a husband or a wife, a brother, a daughter, looking for ideas for making money online like we were, I URGE you will take a closer look at the Empower Network. 


Matt and I know how many ideas for making money from home there are on the Internet.  We know how overwhelming it can be.  We know how intimidating it can be to take that first step to get involved with an opportunity, to do something you’ve never done before, to do something your family thinks is CRAZY because your want a better future. 

When we first heard about the Empower Network, we knew that an opportunity SO GREAT would have to be unattainable for us because we literally could not spend anymore money on our business.  I wanted to CRY when I learned that $25 was all we needed to get started. 


How we felt when we discovered the Empower NetworkThat’s right.  Just $25 got us EVERYTHING we needed to join the Empower Network.  Just $25 gave us the opportunity for training with David Wood, a marketer who’s made over $1 million online, a marketer who’s FREE training had already made a huge impact in our business.  Just $25 to work with a leader we trusted and respected. 

If you are reading this because you are looking for ideas for making money from home, you are looking for a way to bring fast cash flow into a struggling business, or you are a new marketer trying to figure out where to start, PLEASE do yourself a favor.  Click the link below and enter your email to get access to the video that was almost kept a secret. 


You can stop searching for ideas for making money from home and start EARNING 100 % COMMISSIONS paid directly into your bank account. 

Don’t spend three years online, looking for ideas for making money from home, spending thousands of dollars on your learning curve like Matt and I did.  Check out the Empower Network today and Best Wishes to your success, friend!

 ~April Findley

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