Where Are The Best Places To Advertise My Website?

Where Are The Best Places To Advertise My Website?So you’ve got a website and it’s sitting out there all alone on the Internet and NO-ONE is coming to visit you.  It’s like you have this great island with pristine beaches and awesome clubs and restaurants with no patrons!

The problem is that there aren’t any bridges, boat-liners, or airplanes bringing any visitors in.  If you look at your website like that, being a destination, and your advertisements being the vehicles in which they’ll arrive, a whole new world of opportunity could be opened up for you.

Here are some traditional methods of advertising website owners have utilized in recent history.  Banner and text advertising, where you create a banner or some 2-3 line sales copy to post on other existing websites to drive traffic to yours.  There’s paid search-engine traffic from all of the major ones like Google and Yahoo.  Both of these options require a budget and lots of testing and tracking but can be very profitable.

The best places for you with these options would all depend on what you were offering or talking about on your website.  There is an approval process for both banners and texts, but in most cases, results can be expected overnight.  Remember though, this kind of traffic is not permanent.  Once you stop paying for the clicks, the traffic will be shut off.

Okay, let’s start thinking outside of the box for advertising and start looking at it from a “promotion” standpoint.  Say you write an article about how great your website is with a link in your article pointing back to your website.  There are thousands of article sites all over the place that accept free user created content, like ezinearticles.com for example.  This will in turn create a new “bridge” to your site.  The same works with videos.  You can make a little video about your website and post it on Youtube with a link to your site and you’ve got another way in.  These would be free strategies in most cases.

Also, this type of advertising is more permanent.  Those articles and videos could potentially be out there forever providing ways for visitors to get to your website.

Take these free strategies a little further by then promoting your new article and video links through your social media profiles.  You can share them on Twitter or Facebook, this makes your website go “viral”.  The potential for traffic there is virtually endless!  All of them creating new “backlinks”.  Which is essential for advertising and promotion.

The possibilities for advertising your website with paid strategies can be extremely fast and profitable.  Using free strategies like article marketing is more of a long term commitment.  Either way it really depends what you’re looking for in your advertising campaigns.  Most successful marketers are now utilizing both paid and free strategies.  Think of it like diversifying your advertising portfolio!

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