You Suck! How Negative “Self Talk” Can Derail Your Whole Day

Stop Negative Self TalkTypical day in “old Matt’s” life:

Wake up, first thought – This sucks
Second thought – I wonder what the possibility is that I will make it to work early today?
Third thought – Oh God I’m already LATE!

Of course I’m in a much different place now that I’m working from home but those thoughts still lurk around the corner every morning in my sub-conscious mind.

You see, I was setting myself up for failure everyday just by starting off with a poor attitude. I’m not saying that my life sucked because it didn’t, but I wasn’t doing myself any favors either. Check this video out:

Zig Ziglar is one of my favorites because it’s like listening to an old wise prophet. He’s right though, we can effectively control our own attitudes and and have a dramatic shift in our day to day just by changing our self talk from negative to a more positive thought process. It all starts within. I know that I needed this reassurance this morning, how about you?

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